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4 min readPayments

Increase your European SaaS customer base with Direct Debit

European businesses and consumers have unique preferences when it comes to paying for goods and services online. Optimizing the payment process allows US companies to beat their competition and capture these customers, who are ready and willing to spend.

3 min readPayments

Paying training bills by Direct Debit could be key to apprenticeship levy success

The apprenticeship levy will dramatically boost work trainee numbers when it becomes law in April. Education providers can attract more employers by offering the best courses – and making paying for training both simple and painless.

4 min readPayments

Getting your SME clients paid on time with the ‘duty to report’ requirements

With new legislation being introduced to address the culture of slow payment, now is a great opportunity to help your SME clients get paid faster and more reliably

4 min readPayments

Helping large businesses meet new ‘duty to report’ requirements

Find out how your firm can work in partnership with large clients to help them fulfil new reporting requirements and enhance the overall performance of their payment processes.

3 min readPayments

Don’t fear the Direct Debit Guarantee: A guide for merchants

The Direct Debit Guarantee makes Direct Debit one of the UK’s most secure payment methods. That’s great news for customers, but what does it mean for you as a merchant?

4 min readPayments

The GoCardless Guide to Payment Methods

There’s no shortage of ways to get paid, but not all payment methods are equal. Your business needs maximum efficiency, so it’s wise to know your options and choose the most suitable payment method to help your workflow rather than hinder it.

2 min readPayments

Best practices for taking recurring payments

Great businesses know that how customers pay is as important as when they pay.

3 min readPayments

Choosing the right payments API: a beginner's guide

You’ve probably heard the term 'API' mentioned often. But what do APIs actually do and why are they so important? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics.

3 min readPayments

Taking payments in Europe with SEPA - an introduction for US businesses

With different cultures, languages and regulations, expanding your business across Europe may feel rather daunting. Help is at hand.

4 min readPayments

Boosting charities with Direct Debit, technology – and more millennial donors

Many fundraising methods are old-fashioned, ignoring digital technology’s innovative methods of raising awareness and collecting cash. Greater use of tech-enhanced payment systems, including Direct Debit, could encourage more young people to donate.

3 min readCash flow

Direct Debit: Powering up accounting software so businesses get paid on time

Avoid late payments by leveraging the combined power of Direct Debit and your favourite accounting software, for better cash flow every time

3 min readPayments

10 reasons why Direct Debit makes standing orders look SO last century

Discover the answer to your late payment problems

2 min readCash flow

Automating Direct Debit payments for UK local authorities

Harness the power of Direct Debit automation via GoCardless

3 min readPayments

Small firms should learn that debt is not a dirty word

Why are so many firms shunning debt, and should they?

4 min readPayments

Garden bin collection doesn’t have to be taxing

Garden waste collection charges have sparked controversy across the UK. But local authorities can prevent ‘bin tax’ protests by communicating openly and making the transition easy for constituents.

1 min readPayments

Solving UK council tax challenges for vulnerable customers

Citizens’ Advice has seen a 33% increase in requests for help with UK council tax debts over the last 3 years. This makes it the number one debt issue for the charity.

3 min readPayments

Direct Debit for the Food & Drink Sector

GoCardless has helped businesses in the hospitality sector like Bookatable and Zenchef. Here’s how.

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