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Code example for creating a subscription:

$subscription = $client->subscriptions()->create([
      "params" => [
        "amount" => 1500, // 15 GBP in pence
        "currency" => "GBP",
        "interval_unit" => "monthly",
        "day_of_month" => "5",
        "links" => [
          "mandate" => "MD0000XH9A3T4C"
                    // Mandate ID from the last section
        "metadata" => [
          "subscription_number" => "ABC1234"
      "headers" => [
        "Idempotency-Key" => "random_subscription_specific_string"
subscription = client.subscriptions.create(
            "amount" : 1500, # 15 GBP in pence    
            "currency" : "GBP",
            "interval_unit" : "monthly",
            "day_of_month" : "5",
            "links": {
                "mandate": "MD0000XH9A3T4C"
                         # Mandate ID from the last section
            "metadata": {
                "subscription_number": "ABC1234"
        }, headers={
            'Idempotency-Key': "random_subscription_specific_string"
subscription = client.subscriptions.create(
      params: {
        amount: 1500, # 15 GBP in pence
        currency: 'GBP',
        interval_unit: 'monthly',
        day_of_month: '5',
        links: {
          mandate: 'MD0000XH9A3T4C'
                  # Mandate ID from the last section
        metadata: {
          subscription_number: 'ABC1234'
      headers: {
        'Idempotency-Key': 'random_subscription_specific_string'
public class CreateSubscription {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            GoCardlessClient client = GoCardlessClient.create(
            Subscription subscription = client.subscriptions().create()
                .withAmount(1500) // 15 GBP in Pence  
                                 // Mandate ID from the last section 
                .withMetadata("subscription_number", "ABC123")

            // Keep hold of this subscription ID - we'll use it in a minute.
            // It should look a bit like "SB00003GKMHFFY"
            System.out.printf("ID: %s%n", subscription.getId());
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