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“Wherever we offer GoCardless, it’s the preferred payment option, with 50-85% adoption.”

Diego Passarela, Head of Billing & Payments, Quandoo



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Quandoo is a restaurant technology and reservations platform that works with over 18,000 customers across the globe. It’s a great way for diners to discover new places to eat and book tables online.

It also helps restaurants better connect with diners, through its reservation management software and marketing tools. The tools offered by Quandoo allow restaurants to become more efficient, more visible and more relevant to the modern diner.

Limitations of dealing with the banks

Before using GoCardless, Quandoo worked directly with banks to offer Direct Debit as a payment option. Despite this allowing Quandoo to meet the payment preferences of more of the businesses it served, it also caused Head of Billing & Payments Diego Passarela a series of problems. Diego explains:

With the banks, we had issues with payments being triggered incorrectly, which they were unable to then cancel. The chargeback costs are also very high with the banks, which was an issue for us.

Direct Debit for a global business

Quandoo moved from dealing with the banks to working with GoCardless to improve its ability to offer Direct Debit flexibly and transparently.

“GoCardless is just so much easier to manage” explains Diego. “The interface is good, there are several reports my team can export and we can ensure that every payment triggered is the correct one.”

Starting with the UK, Quandoo has now rolled GoCardless out to Germany, Austria and Italy. Wherever Gocardless is available, customers have shown strong preferences for paying by Direct Debit:

To date, wherever we offer GoCardless, it’s the preferred payment option, with 50%-85% adoption. For us, it means we get paid reliably and on time with better visibility into our payments data.

Benefits beyond cash flow

In addition to getting paid on time, Quandoo has also been able to save considerable time when it comes to collecting, administering and reconciling Direct Debit payments.

The response from customers has also been positive. “Some countries are more used to Direct Debit as a payment mechanism than others, but through customer education, we’ve seen a very positive response to GoCardless,” says Diego.

Growing the Quandoo and GoCardless partnership

Quandoo is also looking ahead to the rest of 2019 and beyond. Diego explains that the team “wants to increase revenue and decrease churn, and GoCardless can play a part in helping us achieve these aims.”

A final piece of the payments puzzle for Quandoo is to add Australia to its portfolio of countries using GoCardless.

Looking back at the relationship so far, Diego summarised why he’s so keen to expand the partnership between Quandoo and GoCardless.

GoCardless is a 10 out of 10 solution. The team is always so helpful and responsive.

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