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Collect one-off payments seamlessly

Complement your recurring payments with a simple, convenient way to collect one-off payments powered by open banking.

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Tackle the challenges of collecting one-off payments
Tackle the challenges of collecting one-off payments

Tackle the challenges of collecting one-off payments

The current options are limited: cards have expensive transaction fees; bank transfers offer a poor customer experience; bank debit is not optimised for one-off payments.

Instant Bank Pay is designed to complement bank debit using open banking. These bank-to-bank payments are confirmed instantly, which means better visibility for you and your customers. Save time chasing one-off payments and create a smoother customer experience.

Made for one-off payments

  • Instant confirmation

    Instant confirmation

    This bank-to-bank payment offers real-time confirmation for you and your payers.

  • Optimise payer conversion

    Optimise payer conversion

    Frictionless authorisation and no need to enter card details. 

  • Reduce fees

    Reduce fees

    Typically 54% cheaper than online card transactions.

  • Save admin time

    Save admin time

    Spend less time chasing down late or failed payments.

Try Instant Bank Pay by  donating to The Trussell Trust
Try Instant Bank Pay by  donating to The Trussell Trust

Try Instant Bank Pay by donating to The Trussell Trust

Try Instant Bank Pay and make a one-time donation to The Trussell Trust, a charity supporting over 1,200 food banks with the mission of ending hunger and food insecurity in the UK. One-hundred percent of your donation will go to charity.

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Send a payment request

How it works

Add Instant Bank Pay to your checkout, or send your customer a link requesting payment.

Send a payment request

We connect your customer to their bank and they authorise the payment. Watch a demo of the payer experience.

Send a payment request

Once payment is made, you both receive an instant confirmation.

Send a payment request

In our first month using the feature, two-thirds of customers who experienced a failed payment were reached by Instant Bank Pay.

Oliver Nelson, Head of Service, Cuckoo Broadband

Instant Bank Pay is ideal for:

Taking a first-time payment

Taking a first-time payment

When a new customer signs up, take their first payment instantly before bank debit collections begin.

Easy invoicing

Easy invoicing

Collect one-off payments quickly by sending customers an invoice with an Instant Bank Pay link.

One-off charges for goods or services

One-off charges for goods or services

Invite customers to purchase additional goods or services which can be paid for outside of their recurring payment, or follow-up on a failed payment.

Account top-up

Account top-up

Prompt your customers to instantly top-up their accounts with a one-off payment and continue to use your services.

Cuckoo Broadband reduces costs

“We’re excited to continue using Instant Bank Pay for one-off payments. Not only will it prevent our customers from losing access to our services, it’ll also help reduce the time we spend chasing late payments and the risk of costs outstanding.” - Alexander Fitzgerald, Founder and CEO at, Cuckoo Broadband

Getting started

  • For developers

    Have a look through our API documentation here

  • Using GoCardless through a partner?

    If you connect to GoCardless through a partner application, Instant Bank Pay is coming soon. Register your interest.

  • Do you have more questions?

    We've put all the frequently asked questions about Instant Bank Pay on a dedicated FAQs page.

  • Are you a GoCardless partner?

    Give your users Instant Bank Pay - a better way to collect instantly-authorised, one-off payments. Here's everything you need to know.

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