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GoCardless Editorial Guidelines


Here at GoCardless, we strive to set people and businesses free from the frustrations and cost of outdated payment methods. Because collecting payments shouldn’t waste hours of time, or leave people stressed or anxious.

But our bank payment platform is just one piece of the puzzle. A lot of the help we can provide comes in the form of written articles and other media. And this is an area where we can provide helpful guidance beyond just the topic of payments.

Our pledge

Clear, accurate, useful. That’s our ethos when we create and publish content on our website. We also review what we’ve published regularly, to update or remove information as appropriate.

But we’re also human. While we do our best to keep our resources up-to-date and of the highest quality, you might spot something that needs updating on the odd occasion. If that’s the case, or if you have any suggestions for our content, please drop us a line at We’d be happy to hear from you.

Our expertise

The GoCardless content team is made up of payments, finance, and technology experts, experienced copywriters, and content specialists. We bring together expertise from across the company to provide our readers with clear, accurate, useful information.

GoCardless is authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017.

Who we write for

Our blog is primarily aimed at business owners, founders, accountants, finance professionals, as well as all of those interested in the worlds of payments and technology.

Guest blogging policy

We're flattered by the interest in contributing to the GoCardless platform through guest blogging. However, we'd like to clarify that we do not accept uninvited guest blog submissions. This policy ensures that our content remains consistent with our ethos and publishing goals.

Although we understand the value guest blogs can bring, we are committed to providing our readers with content crafted by our dedicated in-house teams. We appreciate your understanding and interest in GoCardless, and we encourage you to continue engaging with our content and sharing your insights with us through other channels. Thank you for considering us!


Everyone’s situation is unique. So all content on our website is for information purposes only. It’s not intended to be advice or recommendation of any kind. We recommend you carry out your own research and consult a qualified advisor before taking any action. We often link out to other websites, where we believe it could be helpful to the reader. However, we’re not responsible for the content on these websites.

And while we appreciate the enthusiasm, we don’t accept requests for features in any of our articles.

Finally, please don’t take any of our content and publish it elsewhere. It’s very flattering when people consider it worth copying, but we don’t allow it without permission. And some of the content we have is licensed from others, so you wouldn’t just be taking from us.

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