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Get paid on time, every time

Our platform makes it easy to collect Pre-Authorized Debit payments. It's perfect for invoice payments, subscriptions and bills.

No setup costs or contract - start taking payments today

Trusted by over 50,000 businesses - big and small

Remove payment pains with PAD

  • No more late payments Never chase a payment again. PAD payments allows you to collect funds automatically on payment dates.
  • Not just for fixed amounts Once a Pre-Authorized Debit is in place, you can use it to collect one-off or recurring payments of any amount.
  • Control your cash flow You choose the dates you collect funds, meaning you’ll be able to predict future revenue for your business.

How it works for...

1. Add customers

Invite customers who you invoice regularly to complete a simple, one-time Authorization form.

2. Schedule payments

Create a payment for your customer. Select the date and amount of the payment. You can create one-off or multiple payments for each customer.

3. Collect on due dates

Payments are collected automatically on each date you set, with your customer notified in advance

1. Create plan

Set the dates, amounts, and number of the payments you wish to collect, or collect on an ongoing basis.

2. Invite customers

Invite your customers to your plan. They’ll set up their Pre-Authorized Debit at the same time as joining the plan.

3. Collect payments automatically

Your customers will simply approve the payment plan before it starts, and payments will be collected with no further action needed.

Connect with your existing software

Save even more time by collecting payments through your existing tools.

Benefits for your customers

  • Quick, one-time set up Customers complete a simple online Authorization form, giving you instruction to collect future payments from them.
  • Flexible payments Choose payment schedules that work for each customer. They can authorise individual payments if they need to.
  • Safety and security guaranteed Your customer’s payments are fully secure through GoCardless and protected by ACSS rules.

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