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Privacy Centre

Privacy Centre
Privacy Centre


Read about our privacy practices for people who make a payment using GoCardless.

Privacy for Payers


Read about our privacy practices for people who take payments for their goods or services using GoCardless.

Prospects and visitors

Prospects and visitors

Read about our privacy practices for people who visit our website or who work for companies that might be a good fit for our services.


Who is GoCardless?

GoCardless provides services that help merchants process payments for their goods or services. Your data controller is GoCardless Ltd, Sutton Yard, 65 Goswell Road, London, UK EC1V 7EN.

Where do I go for privacy support?

You can contact our data protection officer to ask questions, make a complaint or exercise your rights.

How does GoCardless comply with GDPR?

Our global privacy program is based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation and sets a high baseline for compliance wherever we operate.

What are my choices about marketing?

We don't sell data and we don't market to payers. We may contact business prospects if we think they might use our services.

How does GoCardless use cookies?

Cookies help us provide our services, tailor our website and market our services more effectively. You can make choices about your cookies here.

More legal details

What makes our processing lawful, how do we make automatic decisions about people, how long do we keep the data, and what types of recipient do we share it with?

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