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Built securely from the ground up

GoCardless uses strong encryption to keep you safe and is approved by the biggest names in payments

Built securely from the ground up
Built securely from the ground up
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  •  Authorised by the FCA

    Authorised by the FCA

    GoCardless is authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017.

  • Funded by prestigious investors

    Funded by prestigious investors

    Balderton Capital and Accel Partners are among the investors in GoCardless.

  • ISO27001 certified since 2016

    ISO27001 certified since 2016

    Security protocols across our business, services and products have been audited and certified with this widely recognised international standard. 

 Our security pillars
 Our security pillars

Our security pillars

  • GDPR compliance

    Our global data risk management programme is built to GDPR standards and applies privacy best practices to help protect and respect personal data. Learn more

  • Direct Debit guarantee

    If anything goes wrong with a transaction, payers are entitled to an instant refund. Learn more

  • Safeguarded bank accounts

    Money collected by GoCardless is held in designated client monies accounts.

  • Strong encryption

    Data is encrypted at rest and in transit using strong encryption protocols.

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