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The latest news and resources for recurring revenue businesses

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2 min readGoCardless

Global customers give GoCardless high marks in fall 2020 G2 Grid Reports

Named Leaders and High Performers in G2 Grid Fall 2020 reports

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2 min readFinance

What is a floating charge?

Understand everything you need to know about floating charges and fixed charges

2 min readAccountants

What are debt securities?

Explore the features of debt securities with GoCardless

2 min readFinance

How to negotiate a low credit card rate

Learn how to reduce your credit card interest rates, right here

Featured articles

5 min read

What is reconciliation in accounting?

There are a number of variants to this accounting process, useful for ensuring correct balances are recorded within accounts. This guide explains what they are, why reconciliation is important, and how to conduct reconciliation.

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Everything you need to know about payments, and how you can improve them for your business.

Cash flow

Lessons on understanding, benchmarking and optimising your business’ cash flow.


Lessons on scaling your business and improving conversion with better payment experiences.


Advice on successfully tracking customer retention, building customer loyalty and reducing payment churn.


Best practice financial planning, management, and operations.


The latest updates from GoCardless, with information on our newest products and events we’re attending.


Practical payment advice for accounting and advisory firms to help them empower their clients.


Recurring payments and Bank Debit expertise tailored to the world’s biggest subscription and invoicing businesses.


Businesses need to meet many complex financial regulations. We simplify them here.

Alternative Payment Options

Which payment methods are right for your business? Compare them here.

Global Payments

Expanding your business internationally? Here's everything you need to know about payments.

Starting a Business

The essentials you need to cover off when starting your own business.

Popular downloads


[Report] Global payment preferences for recurring B2B purchases

We surveyed 4,990 businesses across 9 markets to determine which payment methods businesses prefer for different use cases.


The little churn book: Advice from SaaS business leaders and investors

We've collected together advice on churn from some of the world’s most successful and outspoken investors and SaaS C-suite executives.


SCA Impact Playbook: subscription commerce and the SCA opportunity

Your comprehensive resource for understanding the challenges and opportunities that Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) presents for global subscription businesses.

Popular guides


Direct Debit

A guide for anyone who wants to learn more about Direct Debit.



Our guide to collecting payments by SEPA

GuideCash flow

Cash Flow Academy

Insight and advice to help you master cash flow.

Reference guides

Direct Debit: a beginner's guide

Everything you wanted to know about Direct Debit.

Invoicing: A complete guide

A complete guide to invoicing and invoices.

Alternatives to cards across Europe

A guide to major local payment methods in Europe.

Online Payments

Online payments for businesses: a complete guide.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Everything businesses need to know about SCA.

How to get your customers to pay by Direct Debit

How to get your customers to pay by Direct Debit.

BECS Direct Debit

A detailed guide to Direct Debit in Australia.

BECS Direct Debit New Zealand

A user guide for Direct Debit in New Zealand.

ACH: A guide to bank debit in the US

How to take ACH payments from customers in the US.

Pre-Authorized Debits

The complete guide to Direct Debit in Canada.

Direct Debit RFP Guide

Find out how to create an effective RFP.

Accountant’s Toolkit

Online Direct Debit resources for accountants

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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