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Reduce conversion risk

Globally, bank debit is the preferred payment method for common recurring payment needs, being most preferred 42% of the time. With GoCardless, easily add bank debit to your payment mix and win more customers.

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How do your customers want to pay you?

Preferences change from country to country. While cards are popular in the US, bank debit is a more preferred method in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Australia. Offering just one single payment method makes a portion of potential customers less likely to use your brand.

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The reason we added direct debit with GoCardless as a payment option was to hit our very aggressive international growth numbers. Direct debit is a preferred payment method, especially in Europe, and we were lacking parity.

Study participant, IDC White Paper

Is it time to rethink your payment strategy?

Did you know half of all businesses see more than 7% of payments fail? And that leads to bad debt, higher churn and loss of revenue.

This startling statistic was uncovered in a Forrester Consulting survey of 700 payment decision-makers.

Read the full report to get all the insights, as well as recommendations for how to overcome your payment challenges.

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Diversify your payment options with GoCardless

With GoCardless, collect payments using bank debit in more than 30 countries. Bank debit can coexist with other payment methods to create a best-in-class checkout experience.

  • Local payments with a global reach

    GoCardless has created the first global network designed for recurring payments. Offer the local bank debit payment option in more than 30 countries, including the UK, Eurozone countries, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Low payment failure rates

    With GoCardless, around 97.5% of payments will be collected successfully at the first time of asking. With real-time reporting, know instantly when a payment does fail so you can take action.

  • Integrate with your existing systems

    Connect GoCardless to your global tech stack with our extensive list of partner integrations, including Salesforce, Zuora and Chargebee. Or use our API.

Optimised payment pages

With GoCardless, fully customise our out-of-the-box payment pages, or build a bespoke integration using our API. Plus, localise your payment pages to meet the needs of your global customers.

To date, wherever we offer GoCardless it’s the preferred payment option, with 50%-85% adoption. For us, it means we get paid reliably and on time with better visibility into our payments data.

Diego Passarela, Head of Billing and Payments, Quandoo

Capital on Tap reduces the cost of collecting payments by 90%

Since launching seven years ago, Capital on Tap has obsessed over helping small businesses and works with over 70,000 SMEs. 

With Gocardless, Capital on Tap has been able to move over 80% of its global customers to bank debit and reduce the costs of collecting payments by 90%.

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Report: Global payment preferences for recurring B2B purchases in 2020

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Trusted by over 50,000 businesses of all sizes

Reduce involuntary churn

"We’ve had less than a dozen payment failures since we started using GoCardless."

International coverage

“We use a single integration for Direct Debit in the UK, Sweden and Germany”

67% reduction in debtor days

“The whole accounting process is faster and we’ve eliminated billing errors."

Preferred by customers

“70% of our European customers have chosen GoCardless over credit card to make their payments.”

90% renewal rate

"We wanted an end-to-end subscription model. GoCardless helps make that possible."

50-85% adoption

“For us, it means we get paid reliably and on time with better visibility into our payments data.”

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Speak to one of our recurring payment experts about payment preferences around the globe, and we’ll show you how GoCardless can support your goals.

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