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The arrival of open banking has dramatically transformed the global payments landscape. With over a decade of experience in bank payments, industry leading bank coverage, and cutting-edge conversion rates. We’re among the most trusted global providers of open banking today.

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Why we're your ideal open banking provider

99% coverage

Reach your customers on a platform you know works. GoCardless is connected to >100 of the UK’s biggest banks, and covers 99% of accounts.


Open banking is fast, really fast. Confirm and settle payments in seconds.


GoCardless is more than just banking, we help you bring all your payments capabilities into one easy-to-use integration.


Over a decade of experience processing bank payments for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

What is open banking?

Open banking leverages APIs to make it easier for businesses to process payments and gives them better access to financial data. The model transformed how data is shared and processed, which simplifies and speeds up transactions and enables businesses to build bespoke financial service offerings. At the same time, open banking also gives customers control through digitally secure payment authorisation and better visibility.

How it works with GoCardless

GoCardless has connections with over 100 of the biggest banks in the UK, and covers roughly 99% of consumer and business accounts. Businesses can access this network directly through GoCardless to collect instant one-off or recurring payments, or access financial data like account information and transaction history. Open banking is entirely user consent driven, which means customers authorise payments or the sharing of data -- all within their banking app.

GoCardless open banking at a glance

We’ve been shaping UK open banking since 2018

  • 2024

    GoCardless announces plans to acquire open banking and direct debit bank payments provider Nuapay 

  • 2023

    JROC: GoCardless leads the ‘proposition’ workstream that will shape the future of commercial Variable Recurring Payments 

  • 2022

    GoCardless becomes one of two payment providers to take the first ever commercial VRP in pilot with Natwest & acquires Nordigen to expand its AIS coverage across Europe

  • 2021

    GoCardless releases Instant Bank Pay

  • 2019

    GoCardless collaborates with the Open Banking Implementation Authority (OBIE) to develop Variable Recurring Payments rules

  • 2018

    GoCardless selected to take part in Open Banking
Testing Working Group prior to launch of Payments Initiation Services (PIS) in the UK

Try open banking by donating to The Trussell Trust

See how open banking works via GoCardless Instant Bank Pay and make a one-time donation to The Trussell Trust, a charity supporting over 1,200 food banks with the mission of ending hunger and food insecurity in the UK. 100% of your donation will go to charity.

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Try open banking by donating to The Trussell Trust
Try open banking by donating to The Trussell Trust

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Our open banking-powered feature, Instant Bank Pay, now supports recurring payments.

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