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5 min readTechnology

Digital transformation in the UK utilities sector

Technology is changing the relationship between customers and the utilities sector

4 min readFinance

Bank referrals set to open up funding to SMEs - via innovative fintech alternatives

SMEs discover innovative ways for lending and repaying money.


Successful onboarding to cloud services

Onboarding is the process of getting clients to successfully start using a new service. In this free e-Book, we show you how to successfully onboard clients to a cloud service.

4 min readTechnology

Rise of independent brands creates new challenges for UK traditional energy sector

The UK energy sector is undergoing a major shift, all because of technology.


Getting your cloud workflow right

The success of a cloud-based service is underpinned by how well data flows between the firm and its clients. Find out how you can make sure the best process is backed up by a great client experience.


Getting your cloud proposition right

When it comes to cloud many firms are making the mistake of choosing software first and deciding what to do with it after. Find out how to create a clear strategy for your cloud proposition, ensuring it meets real business needs.

4 min readAccountants

Why add-on solutions are the heart of your accountancy firm

Add-on tools are increasingly defining the shape of accountancy firm systems. Find out how cloud-based add-ons are now becoming staple tools for the accountant.

3 min readPayments

Direct Debit: from low tech to digital

2016 was another record breaking year for Direct Debit in the UK. Find out how flexible Direct Debit solutions have opened up the system to businesses of all sizes

2 min readPayments

Bacs TLS and SHA-2 Security Updates

The deadline is getting ever closer... you'll need to upgrade unless your software supports the new security standard.

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