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3 min readGoCardless

Building APIs: lessons learned the hard way

2 min readPayments

Should you get your own Service User Number?

Find out when & why you should consider getting your own SUN

1 min readPayments

Modulus checking: what is it?

Learn about this procedure for validating sort code and account number combos.

1 min readPayments

ADDACs messages and changes to your Direct Debit mandates

ADDACS messages are the messages you receive from your customer’s bank if a mandate has been cancelled or amended by your customer.

2 min readPayments

AUDDIS Messages: Having problems setting up your mandates?

An AUDDIS report is triggered when there is a problem during mandate setup. We thought it might be useful to explain some common pitfalls and how you can avoid or resolve them.

1 min readPayments

ARUDD messages: The two most common reasons your payments are failing

An ARUDD report is triggered when a payment fails. In this article, we explain the two most common reasons for payments failing and how you can avoid or resolve them.

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