Advantages of paperless mandates for SEPA Direct Debit

At GoCardless we believe the key to unlocking the full potential of SEPA and Direct Debits more generally, particularly for online merchants, is currently the paperless mandate.

Paperless mandates have several advantages over paper mandates and can provide potential cost and efficiency benefits:

  • Fewer manual entry processes - paper mandates require physical transfer, storage and details to be keyed in manually by merchants. The paperless mandate process is therefore inherently more efficient and less open to error.
  • Automated processes – paperless mandates allow automatic storage and retrieval of mandate data.
  • No printing, signing and returning effort – Paperless mandates avoid the inconvenience of printing, signing and mailing a paper form by using a fully electronic process. This means that there are no printing and postage costs. It also reduces paper files and archiving.

GoCardless provides a simple online system for creating and managing mandates.

To find out more about collecting SEPA Direct Debits or to register your interest with GoCardless, check out our GoCardless Europe page.

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