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Rob Keating

Content Specialist

Rob's mission is to educate businesses on the current payments landscape and the range of options that can be implemented to optimise business payment processes. As a former small business owner, Rob understands the issues that continually complicate payment collection and creates content to help businesses navigate the available solutions to help solve these problems.


Top Articles

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3 min read

How to Set Up Direct Debit for Small Business

Direct Debit may seem inaccessible to small businesses, we debunk the myth...

5 min read

What is the best method for collecting rent?

Here's how to get your tenants to pay rent on time

Latest Articles

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4 min read

Invoices always paid on time with GoCardless

End late payments on your invoices and always get paid on time

2 min read

BACS payments pending – why and for how long?

Why do BACS payments show as pending on my account?

2 min read

What is a SEPA Credit Transfer?

Discover how to send and receive SEPA credit transfer payments.

2 min read

What is SEPA Instant?

SEPA instant payments have changed the game for UK businesses.

2 min read

Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Debit

There are a number of different advantages and disadvantages of direct debit.

2 min read

The best low-cost online payment systems in the UK

The top 5 low-cost payment gateways from Worldpay to PayPal

2 min read

How Do I Reinstate A Direct Debit?

Learn how to reinstate direct debits and ensure continuity of payment.

2 min read

What are the different types of SEPA payments?

The different types of SEPA payments and how they can help with European trade.