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2 min readAccountants

What Are Source Documents in Accounting?

An invoice is a source document for accounting statements.

2 min readAccountants

How to Calculate avg rate of return (ARR)

Learn how to calculate ARR and apply it to your business.

2 min readAccountants

Balance Sheet vs. Income Statement

What’s on a balance sheet and income statement?

3 min readPayments

What Is POS Financing?

Should your business offer POS financing at checkout?

3 min readSubscription

8 Most Important KPIs for a Subscription Business

The 8 most integral KPIS for assessing the health of your subscription business.

2 min readAccountants

Pros and Cons of SaaS Free Trials

Discover the main pros and cons of offering a free trial for your SaaS product.

2 min readPayments

Igniting Growth With Automated Billing Software

Billing automation is key to growing your business.

2 min readPayments

4 SaaS Growth Lessons

Discover what you can learn from various SaaS growth ventures.

2 min readPayments

The Benefits of Offering Flexible Payments

Explore the benefits of offering flexible payment options to customers.

2 min readPayments

How to Improve Cash Flow Visibility

Discover the 3 best ways to improve your cash flow visibility.

2 min readAlternative Payment Options

Installment Buying vs Cash Purchase

Is it better to buy cash or finance? Both can impact cash flow.

2 min readAlternative Payment Options

The Evolution of Installment Buying

Learn more about the history of buying on credit in our guide.

2 min readSmall Business

Pay What You Want Pricing

Is PWYW a good choice for your business pricing model?

2 min readPayments

What Is FP&A: An Introduction

Discover why FP&A is so important to a business’s bottom line.

3 min readPayments

Global Payment Trends in 2022

Find out the latest global payment trends in ecommerce and beyond.

2 min readPayments

Best Alternatives to PayPal for Business

What are the best alternatives to PayPal for small businesses?

2 min readPayments

Cryptocurrency for Recurring Payments

Is it worth considering cryptocurrency for recurring payments?

2 min readSmall Business

What Is a Profit Model in Forecasting?

What is a profit model, and how can you create one?

2 min readFinance

What Is Credit Control?

Find out all about credit control and whether it’s right for your business.

2 min readPayments

Card Present vs Card Not Present Rates

The impact of card-present & card-not-present payments have on processing rates?

3 min readPayments

What Are Interchange Fees?

Confused about interchange fees? Find out all you need to know here.

2 min readPayments

What Does Credit Card “Do Not Honor” Mean?

What does “Do Not Honor” mean on a credit card transaction? Find out here.

2 min readSmall Business

How to Handle Customer Returns

Find out how to improve your customer returns process and win customers around.

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