GoCardless & Xero

Take the hassle out of getting paid with our ACH Debit integration for Xero.

What GoCardless can do for your business

Predictable cash flow

Payments are collected automatically, as soon as your invoices are due

Stop chasing payments

Control when you get paid and cut out the stress of debtors

Less bookkeeping

Payments are automatically reconciled against your Xero invoices

Made for recurring payments

Chasing payments shouldn’t be a full-time job, and with GoCardless it doesn’t have to be. GoCardless is built on ACH Debit, a pull-based payment method. Customers complete a simple online mandate to authorise you to automatically debit their bank account whenever your Xero invoices are due.

“GoCardless’ ACH solution is exactly what we were looking for. It gives us more control and visibility over payments while making the whole payment experience easier for our customers.”

co-founder, Sunday Beer Co.

How GoCardless works with Xero


Invoice your customer

Your customer can choose to set up an ACH Debit authorization with you via the 'Pay Now' button on your invoice.


Your customer completes a one-time ACH authorization form

Your customer completes this online ACH authorization form with their bank details. This gives you permission to collect payment from their bank account without further action from your customer.

  • One time set-up for your customer
  • Payment page branded with your logo
  • All online. No paperwork

Collect recurring payments automatically

Now when you invoice your customer, payment is automatically debited from their bank account on the invoice due date. The payment amount and when it is collected is determined by your Xero invoice - simple!


Your customer will be notified before every payment is collected

Now that a ACH Debit is in place with your customer, GoCardless will email your customers in advance before every payment is collected.

  • No action required from your customer
  • Payments protected by NACHA and the Regulation E.

Automatic reconciliation

Once you’ve received a payment, the relevant invoice(s) will be marked as paid with the GoCardless fee posted as an expense automatically.

  • No manual bookkeeping
  • Notifications for failed payments
  • Notifications for cancelled ACH Debit payments

GoCardless & Xero

No setup costs or hidden fees – get your Xero invoices paid

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    GoCardless is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom as an Authorised Payment Institution to collect payments across Europe.