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Our customers love using GoCardless. Here's why...

Predictable cash flow

“With Direct Debit, we don’t have to rely on customers to make a ‘push’ payment - which has helped us to reduce DSOs.”

Capture more revenue

"Once I finished the implementation, I had done myself out of a job! We have grown our revenue five times over since we moved to GoCardless and reduced our collection staff from three to one, which means I have been able to move to a role where I’m adding a lot more value for the business."  

Ratings presented by G2

We're a leader in payment processing

Best-in-class payment technology

Getting paid shouldn't be a challenge, and we make it easy - so you can focus on your business.

"The GoCardless platform not only means that we can provide a great experience to our customers; it has also enabled us to consolidate our paper-based processes and legacy systems into a single payments platform."

Samuel Wilson, Chief Customer Officer & Managing Director at 8x8

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  • Would recommend us

    G2 reviewers recommend us highly. in fact, our customers have ranked us #1 in the G2 Payment Processing Relationship Index Report.

  • Quality of support

    We’re here to support you. From kick off to implementation and getting adoption, our team is here to help you get paid easily with bank debit.

  • Easy to use

    From setting up your account to customer verification and seamlessly collecting payments we strive to deliver a product that streamlines your workflow and is easy to use.

  • Meet requirements

    We're not at 100% just yet, but we are always improving and our product to enable businesses to collect payments more efficiently.

Payment automation

"Before GoCardless we were chasing customers payments and now all of our payments are made on time every time. We don’t even have to check if a customer has paid as the system informs us of each collection and each failed collection"

Increase conversions

“We want our global customers to have access to simple and easy payment methods when purchasing DocuSign, and offering GoCardless as a key payment option helps us achieve this. Offering bank debit as a payment option means customers are able to complete quick and easy transactions”.

Increase revenue with payments

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Relationship index leader

Our customers ranked us #1

Not only do we have an easy to use payment platform, we work hard to support businesses with their payment collection.  Our customers have ranked us #1 in the G2 Payment Processing Relationship Index Report, ahead of Stripe Payments, BlueSnap, and Worldpay.

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The relationship index

The G2 relationship index focuses on quality of support, ease of doing business and the likelihood that our customers would recommend us.

Before GoCardless we were chasing customers payments and now all of our payments are made on time every time. 

Aaron, reviewer on G2

We have been able to cut out the cross-checking of payments and the time spent chasing debts.

Gemma Taylor, Deloitte

Offering bank debit as a payment option means customers are able to complete quick and easy transactions.

Beverly Tu, DocuSign

We are growing our customer base with GoCardless. We encourage people to use the bank debit option as part of our customer onboarding.

IDC study participant

Collecting payments could not get any easier when using GoCardless. Hassle-free and super easy to manage subscriptions.

Abdul, reviewer on G2

The whole accounting process is faster and we’ve eliminated billing errors. Plus, it’s now much easier for new customers to sign up...

Chris Swanson, intY

The API is very developer friendly, the online documentation made the whole process very easy and the Support team are on hand if you need them. 

Ju-Vern, Receipt Bank

With GoCardless, we have a low per transaction cost, whereas a credit card processing fee would be 3% per transaction on average.

IDC study participant

Small business payment processing leader

Small businesses deserve enterprise-grade payment functionality.

"We no longer have to manually manage process subscriptions that were previously on Stripe. The fees on international payments are reduced and as GC can deposit funds into our relevant currency in Wise, it means we do not get hit with unwanted currency conversion as we did with Stripe. Finally, especially in the USA where clients are used to paying with cards but not ACH, this makes it seamless and painless for them and they do not have to pay any bank ACH fees."

Pete N, G2 reviewer

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  • Easy to use

    "I highly recommend using GoCardless, if you want ease of management, simple systems, and easy to understand online platforms GoCardless is the system to use."

    Sam T, G2 reviewer

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  • Quality of support

    "The simplicity of the product is fantastic. It's not overly complicated, it does just what you need. The customer service is amazing and they always get back to you so fast."

    Claire B, G2 reviewer

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  • Meets requirements

    "When I draw up an invoice in Xero, it is automatically added to a payment schedule, automatically collected and then reconciled in Xero. There is very little I actually need to do which is saving me time, money and headaches!"

    Gemma D, G2 reviewer

    Read her full review

  • Easy to setup

    "GoCardless is so simple to get up and running - and it's quick too. It will save you time. It will get funds into your bank account reliably and on time. You'll wonder why you didn't start using it years ago."

    Bernie W, G2 reviewer

    Read his full review

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