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Our affiliate program

Help us set businesses free from the pains of getting paid

Refer new businesses to our bank payment solutions, and earn up to $93 per referral. Read on to learn more.

Become an affiliateTerms and conditions
Help us set businesses free from the pains of getting paid
Help us set businesses free from the pains of getting paid

Hi, we're GoCardless

We set people and businesses free from the frustrations and cost of outdated payment methods, like manual bank transfers and cards. And we’ve been doing it for over 10 years, by building simple and secure bank payment solutions.

75,000+ businesses of all sizes, around the world, trust GoCardless to power their payments. Including DocuSign, HM Government, The Guardian, Epson, Aon, and Tripadvisor.

We’re solving some really frustrating payments pains for businesses
We’re solving some really frustrating payments pains for businesses

We’re solving some really frustrating payments pains for businesses

Late payments

Too many payments are made late. So we make it super easy for payments to be made on time. Both with instant payments and automated payments.

Chasing up customers

Late payments mean awkward or annoying calls to customers to chase them up. By saving businesses from late payments, we save them here too.

Annoying admin

A lot of businesses get stuck with more manual payments admin than they need. We make data easy to find, and help automate tasks away.

Expensive fees

GoCardless collects direct bank payments. Meaning no card fees. And with all that wasted admin time cut away, the savings really stack up.

Why businesses choose us
Why businesses choose us

Why businesses choose us

GoCardless lets businesses easily collect both instant one-off payments and automated recurring payments. Direct from their customer’s bank account to theirs. Getting them paid on time, saving them time and money, helping them win and retain more customers, and stress less.

They can use GoCardless on its own, with our easy-to-use online dashboard. Or connect it up to one of 350+ other systems – including Xero, Sage, QuickBooks, Zuora, and Salesforce – to conveniently manage everything there instead.

International payments made simple

GoCardless lets businesses collect payments from 30+ countries. Either into a local bank account, or their existing US account. With FX at the real market rate, powered by Wise.

Intelligently retry failed payments

With GoCardless, failed payments are rare. But with automatic retries, our payments data determines the best day to try again. Recovering 70% of failed payments, on average.

Better liked by customers, too

Research shows businesses and consumers often prefer bank payments over cards and digital wallets, for making many kinds of payments. With automation and peace of mind, it’s not hard to see why.

The program + commission

If you have an engaged audience that's made up of businesses, you could be the perfect fit to be a GoCardless affiliate. What that looks like is flexible to you. It could be as simple as putting our referral links in front of your audience. Or sending GoCardless content their way.

Earn $3 for referring new sign ups

Our goal with our affiliate program is to gain new, active users of GoCardless. We refer to these users as ‘merchants’. Every time a new merchant completes our short, quick sign-up form after being referred by you, we’ll pay you $3.

Earn another $90 when they activate

Every time a merchant you refer goes on to complete 6 payment actions in GoCardless, making them an “active” user, we’ll pay you another $90. This typically takes 14-90 days, but can take longer.

What are payment actions?

There are two things that count: getting a customer to set up a bank debit mandate (which allows that merchant to automate payment collection from that customer), and collecting a payment.

What’s an “active” user?

Any merchant that signs up and then completes any combination of payment actions – as long as they total six – is what we classify as an “active” user of GoCardless.

How are commissions paid out?

For every commission you earn there’s a 30-day validation period, after which you’ll be paid out in the next payment run. So any commission you earn should be paid out within 60 days of the sign up or activation occurring.

An introductory call

How we support you

Ready to join our affiliate program?

Become an affiliateTerms and conditions

We look forward to speaking with you! Before you apply, please take a moment to read the terms of our affiliate program. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them in our introductory call.