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Verified Mandates

Catch fraud in the act

Check whether a new customer’s bank account details are genuine without compromising the checkout experience.

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Don’t choose between payment fraud prevention and customer experience.
Don’t choose between payment fraud prevention and customer experience.

Don’t choose between payment fraud prevention and customer experience.

Almost half of all US businesses say fraud is among the top threats facing their business. And when you’re onboarding potentially thousands of new customers every day, how do you verify each new payment while offering customers an uninterrupted checkout experience?

With Verified Mandates, verification happens during checkout. Customers don’t need to have their account or routing numbers memorized as, powered by Plaid, we take them directly to their online banking login. You will then be able to verify their information quickly and easily. We then send both you and your customer an immediate confirmation once the account is verified.



Prevent fraud instantly

Nearly two thirds of US businesses take up to three days to catch fraudulent payments. Catch attempted fraud instantly.

Seamlessly integrated

Verify new customers directly in the payment flow and get notified straight away.

Optimal customer experience

Customer bank details authenticated automatically. No need to compromise on experience.

NACHA compliant

Automatically verify the first transaction to future proof your payments strategy and comply with NACHA ACH Web debits rule.

Add Verified Mandates to your payment flow

How Verified Mandates work

Use Verified Mandates for:

High-volume subscription businesses

High-volume subscription businesses

When you’re adding hundreds or thousands of new customers every day, Verified Mandates helps you verify new customers at scale.

Perfect if you offer a free trial for new customers.

High value payments

High value payments

If your subscriptions are particularly high value, Verified Mandates gives you peace of mind that your revenue is secure.

Start using Verified Mandates today.

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