GoCardless for Zuora

GoCardless works with Zuora powering bank debit payments for the Subscription Economy (such as ACH debit in the US)

Reduce customer churn

Increase lifetime value with significantly lower failure rates compared to credit cards.

Transparent pricing

Process bank debit payments (such as ACH debit in the US) with competitive, scalable, transaction-based pricing.

Collect international payments

Collect payments in your customers’ currency, settle in your own, at the real exchange rate.

"Box launched GoCardless in Europe to 10x collections from our subscription customers by bringing the cash in the door faster and at a lower cost than traditional payment methods."

Stefanie Layne

Stefanie Layne, Treasurer, Box


Set up the GoCardless payment gateway in Zuora

Get started in minutes by configuring the GoCardless gateway in Zuora. All you need is your access token (available from the developers section of your GoCardless account dashboard).


Configure Zuora hosted payment pages, or design your own

Use Zuora’s fully compliant hosted payment pages that work across UK and Europe, or design your own customized payment pages.


Set up customers with a bank debit mandate

Set up customers with an ACH debit authorization in the US, or the relevant local bank debit scheme mandate overseas.


Process payments

Outstanding invoices can be collected automatically against the customer’s bank debit mandate (such as an ACH debit authorization in the US).


Manage exceptions with retries and refunds

Retry failed payments and configure your retry rules in the Z-Payments settings. You can also refund full or partial amounts for a previously collected bank debit payment (such as ACH debit payments in the US).

GoCardless Ltd., 333 Bush St 4th Floor, San Francisco, 94104, US

GoCardless is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom as an Authorised Payment Institution to collect payments across Europe.