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Latest articles

3 min readInvoicing

What Must an Invoice Include?

Discover eight essential items to include in your invoice.

3 min readPayments

The 5 Best Ways to Collect Rent

From in-person to direct debit, these are the best ways to collect rent payments

3 min readPayments

Cheapest Credit Card Processing

Do you want to process credit card payments for less?

2 min readFinance

How to Audit Bank Reconciliation

Find out why and how to audit bank reconciliation.

3 min readPayments

The Advantages of B2B Payment Automation

Automated B2B payments means greater efficiency, cash flow, growth, and more

2 min readSubscription

Subscription E-Commerce Business Model

Discover the benefits of a subscription e-commerce business model

4 min readPayments

Choosing a Payment Gateway

A great payment gateway helps your business operate more efficiently than ever

2 min readPayments

Accept credit card payments without a merchant account

Discover how to accept credit card payments online without a merchant account.

3 min readCash flow

How to Streamline Quote to Cash Process

Discover some useful tips for streamlining the quote to cash process.

4 min readEnterprise

Why ignoring your payments backend could cost your business

Find out why ignoring your payments backend could be costing your business

4 min readPayments

What Is the Best Credit Card Machine?

Explore five of the best merchant credit card machines for small businesses

3 min readRetention

Shopping Cart vs Checkout Abandonment

Discover the key differences between shopping cart and checkout abandonment.

2 min readPayments

How to Improve Credit Card Authorisation Rates

Find out how to drastically improve credit card authorisation rates.

2 min readRegulations

P2Pe vs E2EE: Which Should You Choose?

Learn the E2EE and P2PE meaning, as well as their differences.

2 min readPayments

What Is Do Not Honour Credit Card Refusal?

The 2000 do not honour error code is common. Here’s how to handle it.

2 min readPayments

What Are the Most Secure Payment Methods?

Discover the most secure payment method online and off.

3 min readPayments

Digital Wallet vs Mobile Wallet

What are the similarities and differences of digital wallets vs mobile wallets?

3 min readPayments

What Is a Digital Wallet?

Discover the benefits of using digital wallets for easy payment.

2 min readRetention

How Do Retainers Work for Consultants?

Is a consultant retainer contract right for you?

3 min readFinance

Future of Open Banking in Financial Services

Explore the latest trends of open banking.

3 min readEnterprise

4 ways GoCardless can improve your customer retention

Discover how GoCardless can help you to keep more customers.

2 min readPayments

Small Hotel Payment Processing Guide

How does small hotel payment processing work? Find out more.