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The simplest way to request payment, with examples

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A payment request is the initiation of a transaction, prompting payers to transfer funds to payees for goods or services. It offers convenient and secure settlement options, empowering businesses to collect payments efficiently. Implementing proven techniques simplifies payment workflows, enhances interactions, and boosts customer satisfaction while adhering to industry best practices.

Whether you’re a business owner or freelance contractor, asking for payment is probably one of your least favorite parts of the job. Sending a request for payment – particularly when it’s past due – can be awkward at best. By using a polite yet professional payment request template, you can help encourage clients to pay on time. Here’s how to request payment the easy way.

What should you include in a payment request email?

When crafting payment requests, the first thing to think about is your tone of voice. You want to provide all the necessary information while maintaining a polite, friendly tone with your client. If you’re writing an email, this starts with the subject line. Make it informative so that the recipient knows what to expect. Here are a few examples:

  • Invoice #123 now due for payment

  • Update on invoice #123

  • Invoice #123 is past due

Keep the subject line and body short and sweet. No client wants to read a rambling letter. They want to see what’s owed and the best way to pay you. It’s highly recommended to add a payment link at the bottom of your email, which takes the reader directly to your payment provider for fast settlement.

Another important element to include is a copy of your invoice, which should be attached to the payment request letter or email. This should include not only your contact details and the amount due for payment but also your bank account number or payment provider. Don’t forget a note about your payment terms and upcoming due date.

What is a payment request example?

Now that we’ve covered a few of the elements of successful payment requests, what does this look like in practice? Here’s a short payment request example you could use to send along with your first invoice.

Subject line: Invoice #123 due (MM/DD/YYYY)

Hi (Client Name),

I hope you’re doing well. It’s been great working with you on (brief project name or description). I’m sending you Invoice #123 for (specific service or product). Payment is due on (MM/DD/YYYY). I’ve attached it to this email for your reference.

Here are my payment details:

(Payment provider, bank account number, or paylink)

Please contact me with any questions.

Best wishes,

(Your name)

If your initial payment request is ignored and the invoice is past due, don’t hesitate to chase up on the late payment. We have some suggestions for requesting payment on past-due invoices here, or you can use a template like the following:

Subject line: Payment reminder for past due Invoice #123

Hi (Client Name),

I hope you’re doing well. I’m just following up on Invoice #123, which I sent to you on (Date of original email). It was due on (MM/DD/YYYY). I’ve attached a copy for your reference.

Here are my payment details:

(Payment provider, bank account number, or paylink)

Please contact me if there are any issues with this payment. Best wishes,

(Your name)

When a reminder email goes without payment, and it’s been over two weeks since the due date, you’ll need to chase up again with another reminder. You might want to add a note about your payment terms again and ask when you can expect to receive payment. Depending on your payment terms and contract, you can also start adding a note about applicable late fees. If over a month has passed, it might be time to get on the phone and even start looking at your legal options.

How GoCardless makes it easier to request payment

One of the most effective ways to ensure timely payments and eliminate the need for awkward payment requests is through the automation of the payment process. GoCardless offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines and automates payment collection using electronic invoicing and billing methods.

With GoCardless, businesses can leverage ACH payments to conveniently and securely collect payments automatically from their customer's bank accounts on the scheduled due date. This automated payment collection process eliminates the need for manual follow-ups and reduces the risk of late or missed payments.

By integrating GoCardless into your payment workflow, you can benefit from automatic reminders sent to customers, ensuring that payment requests are effectively communicated. These reminders are generated and dispatched by the GoCardless system, freeing up valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on chasing customers for unpaid bills.

Partnering with GoCardless for payment automation allows you to focus your efforts on cultivating and nurturing strong customer relationships rather than being burdened with the hassle of consistently following up on unpaid invoices. This streamlined approach to requesting and collecting payment empowers businesses to maintain a professional and efficient payment process while simultaneously providing a seamless and convenient experience for customers.

Case Study: Deel

Deel, a fast-growing FinTech company, has revolutionized global hiring by providing a platform that allows companies to easily hire contractors or employees from anywhere in the world. To simplify and automate the payment process for these international workers, Deel offers a choice of payment options across 150+ countries. Seeking a reliable and automated solution, Deel partnered with GoCardless for global Direct Debit payments.

GoCardless enables Deel to schedule payments at the optimal time, offering a seamless autopay feature that saves customers time and eliminates the need for manual approval. In contrast to other payment channels like bank transfers, GoCardless provides a better experience with its predictable API connection, lower failure rates, and enhanced visibility into payment status and invoices.

GoCardless enables customers to authorize us to pull money from their accounts, so we can schedule payments at the optimum time. This is key to our popular autopay feature, which allows customers to save time by not having to manually approve and review all their invoices.

Deel's Director of FinTech Ops, Courtney Chin, emphasizes the benefits of GoCardless in terms of reliability, lower failure rates, and improved cash flow. With GoCardless, Deel can reduce late payments, resulting in more predictable cash flow and the ability to invest in global growth:

When doing some analysis on our failure rates, GoCardless has a much lower failure rate than our average across all of our different methods. Less late payments mean we don’t have to fill the gaps, which is enabling us to invest our time and money in our continued global growth.

GoCardless supports various global payment schemes, including ACH Debit for USD payments, BACS in the UK, SEPA in Europe, and BECS for Australian dollar Direct Debit.

Additionally, Chin appreciates the way GoCardless aligns with company-level requirements like efficiency, reduced friction, predictability, and reliability – saving the Ops team a lot of valuable time:

We can self-serve most issues but have access to the GoCardless Premium Customer Success Package for added peace of mind. Compared to some of our other payment processors, we don't have any significant issues. GoCardless is very low-touch, which is music to the ears of any operations team.

Get paid faster - reduce your stress and improve cash flow by automating payment collection with GoCardless.

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Setting up payment collection is fast and efficient with GoCardless. By automating the payment collection process, GoCardless drastically cuts down the administrative responsibilities of managing and tracking invoices for your team. 

GoCardless makes it quick and easy to get started with no contracts or long-term commitment required. You can set up one-off or recurring payments in the merchant dashboard in just a few clicks. GoCardless automatically creates and sends all the necessary forms, doing all the heavy lifting for you. You can also connect to GoCardless via over 350 partner apps, such as Xero and Salesforce.

Discover how GoCardless can automate payment collection, making it easier for you to concentrate on what matters most – your business growth.

FAQ: Payment requests

How do you write an email requesting a payment?

When composing an email to request payment, it is crucial to adopt a professional and concise approach to ensure effectiveness. Start by addressing the recipient cordially and clearly, stating the purpose of the email. Provide relevant details, such as the invoice number, payment due date, and a breakdown of the amount owed. Emphasize the convenience of various payment options available, such as ACH or Direct Debit, to facilitate a seamless transaction process. 

Include a polite yet firm call-to-action, requesting the recipient to remit the payment within a specified timeframe. Additionally, expressing gratitude for their prompt attention can foster positive customer relations. By following these guidelines, you can write an effective email requesting payment that is likely to elicit timely responses and facilitate smoother financial transactions.

How do you politely remind someone to pay you?

When it comes to politely reminding someone to settle a payment, maintaining professionalism and courtesy is paramount. Initiate your reminder by expressing gratitude for their previous business or engagement. 

Next, restate the relevant details of the outstanding payment, including the invoice number, the amount owed, and the due date. Use polite and friendly language, emphasizing that you understand oversights can happen. Offer multiple convenient payment options, such as ACH or Direct Debit, to facilitate a swift resolution. It's important to strike a balance between being assertive and understanding, emphasizing the importance of prompt payment. 

Conclude by expressing appreciation for their attention and providing contact information should they require any assistance. By adhering to these guidelines, you can politely remind someone to pay you, fostering positive relationships while ensuring timely financial transactions.

How do I ask for a payment received confirmation email?

When seeking a payment received confirmation email, it's essential to follow a clear and professional approach. Begin by sending a polite and succinct email to the recipient, expressing appreciation for their recent payment. Clearly state your intention to request a payment received confirmation for record-keeping purposes. 

Provide specific details, including the payment amount, date, and any relevant invoice or transaction reference numbers. Kindly ask the recipient to acknowledge receipt of the payment by replying to the email or sending a separate confirmation message. Emphasize the importance of maintaining accurate financial records and express gratitude for their cooperation. 

Effectively requesting a payment received confirmation email ensures transparency and streamlines financial documentation.

Over 85,000 businesses use GoCardless to get paid on time. Learn more about how you can improve payment processing at your business today.

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help
Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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