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FAQ Friday – Can you pay by credit or debit card through GoCardless?

One of the questions we often get asked is whether or not we process credit or debit card payments.

GoCardless specialises in bank to bank payments using Direct Debit schemes around the world, meaning you can’t use us to take payments via card.

This FAQ Friday, we hear from GoCardless’ Director of Business Operations and Strategy, Pranav, as he talks us through the three mains reasons why this is and why we believe this is better for our customers.

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GoCardless & Xero: A beautiful business love story

Finding a great match isn’t easy. You have to have a good connection. It helps if your values align. You should bring out the best in each other. You need to see a future together. And ultimately, when you know, you know.

When GoCardless launched its first integration with small business cloud accounting platform Xero a few years ago, we knew it was the start of something big. We spent time making a great connection (with a seamless user experience) and we shared the same belief in beautiful business, in streamlining admin and giving small businesses more time back to focus on growth.

And when you put us together, we made more: our users were paid on time, while avoiding manual reconciliation and reducing accounting errors. They could manage payments and billing in once place, saving hours of time on admin.

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FAQ Friday – Why do some Direct Debit payments fail and what can you do about it?

Payment failure rates with Direct Debit are low compared to other payment methods (typically <3% with Direct Debit compared to 5-15% with cards).

Though Direct Debit is one of the most reliable payment methods, transactions can still fail. This week on FAQ Friday, Product Marketing Manager, Ross, explains what GoCardless transaction data tells us about payment failures. He reveals the two most common reasons for Direct Debit payment failures and what you can do about them.

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DIY Direct Debit vs an online provider: a visual guide for membership organisations

Have you ever stopped to think about all the processes that go into your existing DIY Direct Debit solution? How many hours of admin are needed every week to carry out and reconcile all your payments? What happens when a payment is missed by a member? And how often do you have a member on the phone complaining about a problem with their payment?

The infographic below looks at 7 of the most important aspects of your payment processing and how a DIY solution matches up to an online provider.

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Riding high - GoCardless’ London to Paris cycle

As if building the first global network for bank to bank payments doesn’t keep us busy enough, some of the GoCardless team decided to challenge themselves earlier this month by cycling from our HQ in London to our new office in Paris and raise money for Mind charity.

On 1 September, 14 riders set off with Paris in their sights.

Now back and rested, we sat down with two of the team, Merve and Anca, to find out how they got on.

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