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2 min readPayments

Medical Billing Basics

Learn all about medical billing basics here.

2 min readPayments

How to Facilitate Same Day Payment

How can Instant Bank Pay facilitate same day payments?

2 min readPayments

Business Benefits of a Prompt Payment Discount

A prompt payment discount offers multiple business benefits.

2 min readPayments

Dealing with late payment as a SaaS Business

We look at what SaaS companies can do to prevent and manage late payments.

2 min readPayments

A Guide to Personal Contract Purchase

Our guide to personal contract purchase plans.

2 min readPayments

What is Instalment Buying?

We look at how instalment buying can help both merchants and consumers.

2 min readPayments

Choose a Payment Processor For Your Business

How to decide whether or not a third party payment processor is a good fit.

2 min readPayments

What Are Wearable Payment Devices?

Find out all about the future of wearable payment technology.

2 min readPayments

What Are Payment Reversals and How to Avoid Them

Find out what payment reversals are and how you can prevent them.

2 min readPayments

Dealing With Delayed Payments

What are payment delays and how can you deal with them? Find out here.

2 min readPayments

What Is Automatic Payment? FAQ

Find the answer to “how do automatic payments work?” here.

3 min readPayments

How To Store Credit Card Information

Discover what to consider with credit card data storage systems.

2 min readPayments

Benefits of Charging a Retainer Fee

How do retainer contracts work and what are their benefits?

2 min readPayments

What is usage based pricing?

Learn how to apply SaaS usage based pricing.

2 min readPayments

Invoice consolidation explained

Discover how to create a consolidated invoice.

2 min readPayments

Annual subscription vs monthly billing

Discover the pros and cons of monthly vs annual subscriptions.

2 min readPayments

How to Send a Client’s Quote (With Template)

We show you how to send a quote easily using our template

2 min readPayments

How to Set Up Automatic Payments

Find out how to set up automatic payments here.

2 min readPayments

5 Best Dropshipping Payment Gateways

Find out about the best dropshipping payment gateways here.

2 min readPayments

Guide to Online Payment Fraud Prevention

Read up on online payment fraud prevention techniques here.

2 min readPayments

The Most Popular Online Payment Methods

Is cash dead? Discover the most popular UK payment methods.

2 min readPayments

How to offer customers split payments

Everything you need to know about how and why to offer customers split payments

2 min readPayments

The top 5 BNPL apps for UK businesses

The buy now pay later industry is expected to be worth over £127 billion by 2023

1 min readCash flow

Late payments benchmark: Small businesses

Where does your business stack up? Find out here.

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