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3 min readBusiness Management

CRM tools for small businesses

CRM software provides a data-driven platform to manage customer relationships.

3 min readBusiness Management

Market research for small businesses

To truly succeed as a business, you need to know the market.

2 min readGrowth

A definition of SEO

Is SEO working to drive your business forward?

2 min readGrowth

What is public relations and why does it matter?

Is public relations (PR) more than just building an image?

2 min readGrowth

The power of earned media

What is earned media and why is it so highly sought after?

2 min readGrowth

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Find out how search engine marketing (SEM) could transform your marketing

2 min readGrowth

Are you engaging? Engagement rates explained

Engagement rate is a metric that measures how engaging your content actually is

2 min readGrowth

How A/B testing works and why it’s so powerful

Why A/B testing is the only reliable way to evaluate your conversions

2 min readGrowth

What is UX? A basic guide to user experience

Exploring the intricacies, specifics and importance of UX

2 min readGrowth

What is meant by click through rate (CTR)?

How could an improved click through rate boost your marketing campaigns?

3 min readAccountants

How to Create an Accounting Journal

Discover what goes into accounting journal entries and create your own.

2 min readAccountants

Small business guide to online invoicing software

Save time and money on invoicing using an online invoice generator.

2 min readAccountants

Understanding Present Value and Net Present Value

Find out how to calculate present value and net present value.

1 min readEnterprise

[Infographic] The challenges of recurring payments from our Forrester Consulting thought leadership paper

See the key takeaways from the Forrester thought leadership paper.

2 min readAccountants

Best strategies for optimizing accounts payable in 2021

Streamline your accounts payable processes with automation this year

2 min readBusiness Management

Guide: comparable worth in small businesses

Comparable worth offers a novel way for businesses to approach equal pay.

3 min readFinance

Guide: cash out refinance

How does a cash out refinance work? Find out whether it’s right for you.

3 min readFinance

Tax checklist for small businesses

Are you ready for tax season? Use our tax preparation checklist this year

3 min readFinance

Benefits of a 401k for small businesses

There are several types of 401k plans, so which is right for your business?

2 min readBusiness Management

Best health insurance for employees

Which health insurance companies are best for small businesses?

3 min readFinance

How does a PPP loan work?

PPP loans can keep employees afloat for longer. Here’s what to know

2 min readFinance

What is an SBA loan?

Are you eligible for an SBA loan? Find out how to apply for funding

2 min readFinance

Stimulus package for small businesses

Find out which grants and loans are in the latest stimulus package

Business Management

What is a C corporation?

Discover the tax advantages and disadvantages of a C corporation

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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