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Top 8 Accounting Software For Construction

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Last editedJul 20222 min read

Accounting is vitally important in the construction industry. Accurately tracking everything from materials to wages can mean the difference between making a profit or a huge loss. For this reason, having great accounting software is crucial. In this guide we’ll run through a list of the best 8 accounting software available for handling the intricacies and complexities of accounting in construction.

Best construction accounting software

Construction Partner

Construction Partner is a Windows-based, on-premises accounting software program suitable for construction firms of varying sizes. However, companies on the larger side will likely benefit most from the exhaustive payroll and general ledger features. The software is fairly easy to get to grips with and Construction Partner offers detailed instructions and guidance, with the option to receive onsite training in using the program. Potential customers need to contact the software company for a quote, although they are generally considered an affordable option for small businesses.

Sage 1000 Contractor

Formerly known as Sage Master Builder, Sage 1000 Contractor is an excellent accounting software for small construction businesses and independent contractors. The estimating function provides templates and formulas to boost estimate accuracy, and the import feature allows for the importing of material costs from suppliers. Intended for small businesses, Sage is a very reasonably priced software option.


Knowify is a cloud-based software solution making it ideal for contractors who are constantly on the go. It has functions for tracking invoices, orders, and staff rotas. Another perk is that it’s also fully integrated with Quickbooks. Knowify offers a free trial and paid plans ranging from Basic to Enterprise.

Jonas Premier

Jonas Premier is another cloud-based software, ideal for large — even international — firms. Key accounting features include multi-currency and multi-entity support. The solution also offers document tracking and daily job logs grouped by worksite. Additionally, the software boasts superior security, meaning any data entered onto the software is protected. Jonas Premier is a subscription service with a combatively high monthly fee calculated relative to the number of users.

PENTA Construction Management Software

PENTA is an ideal construction accounting software for big companies taking on several large-scale projects. The software package includes general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory and payroll. Ample insight into profitability estimates is also easily accessible via the software’s financial modules. PENTA is an expensive software solution that would likely only be a worthwhile option for large businesses.


Zipbooks is a free to low-cost construction accounting software ideal for new construction companies on a tight budget. While the software is not tailored to the construction industry, it does offer features relevant to the industry, such as invoicing and balance sheets. While the basic service is completely free, extra features are available on a paid subscription plan.


CMiC is targeted towards construction companies dealing with large-scale projects, however can still be a great option for smaller businesses. The software is web-based and offers a variety of features for accounting and financial analytics and comes with a useful budgeting option. Notably, the payroll feature includes useful tax assistance, including deduction calculations. Companies must contact CMiC directly for price and subscription plans.


AccuBuild can be installed as an on-site software program but is also available via the cloud. The software solution is suitable for both small and large companies, and offers all the features needed in construction accounting, including project management and detailed cost accounting. While the program can be a little tricky to navigate at first, in-person training is available with AccuBuild for an additional cost. The fee for using the software is dependent on monthly users.

Accounting with GoCardless

GoCardless partners with major accounting software companies such as Xero and Zoho. By using GoCardless with your accounting software, you can automatically collect payments on their due date, and have this amount reconciled immediately. 

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Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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