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Best Small Business Marketing Ideas

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Last editedAug 20212 min read

15 Small Business Marketing Ideas

Small businesses have to make the very most of their business marketing ideas, and thankfully there are many ways to do just that. From maximising social media use to forming partnerships with other companies and brand ambassadors, there are lots of creative business ideas to expand the reach of your business.

Free business marketing ideas

While large companies will usually have plenty of funds to throw at marketing campaigns, smaller businesses have to be a bit more creative. Here are 10 of the best creative small business ideas that cost absolutely nothing.

1. Develop an email marketing plan

Email marketing lets you interact with customers directly with offers and promotions, but getting them to sign up is the tricky part. One of the best ways to encourage customers to sign up to your email marketing campaign is by offering bonus content and discounts if they do.

2. Social media engagement

It costs nothing to create multiple business accounts for all the main social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Use these to promote content and engage with customers.

3. Tag brands and influencers

You can broaden the reach of your business by tagging relevant brands and popular individuals in your social media posts. Even if they don’t respond directly, people searching these tags will encounter your content.

4. Use a variety of hashtags

Similarly, make sure each post features a variety of hashtags relevant to your products or services. Popular or trending hashtags get more eyes on your business, but local and specific hashtags are also a good free marketing idea for small businesses.

5. Embrace local SEO

Small businesses should especially embrace local SEO to maximise their relevance in the area they are based. Add keywords alongside your city or town name into your website’s SEO content.

6. Create a Google Business account

Create a Google Business profile and verify your My Business account in order to highlight your business on Google Maps and the ‘local’ section of Google Search.

7. Publish shareable content

Good content on your website and social media posts is one thing, but content that gets customers sharing it on their own feeds is something else entirely. Data-rich infographics and helpful or how-to guides and videos are some of the most shared type of content a small business can offer.

8. Initiate industry partnerships

Two different but related businesses can join forces to gain access to each other’s customer base. Promoting each other’s products or services also enhances the brand reputation of each partner, fostering trust in the customers.

9. Acquire business awards

If your industry has awards, then applying for and acquiring them can be a big boost to your credibility and reach. Being able to brandish business awards on your website and in your promotional content will help attract more customers.

10. Free ad promo credits

Google Ads and Facebook often offer free ad credits, as well as plenty of web hosting services that offer ad discounts for signing up as a member. Make the most of these by researching the best PPC (pay per click) strategies.

Business marketing on a budget

For a little investment, there are some other creative small business ideas that can reap huge rewards for a company trying to grow and expand their reach. Here are five of the best.

1. Attend industry networking events

Meet potential partners and promote your business to other businesses and influential people.

2. Giveaways and free gifts

Host competitions with prizes for loyal customers.

3. Sponsor local events

Provide goods or some funds to a local event in exchange for promotion.

4. Sponsor an influencer

Find an influencer whose audience could be interested in your products and sponsor them in exchange for promotion.

5. Host a webinar

Host instructive webinars via platforms such as GoToMeeting and Webex. You can promote these across all social media platforms and even tie in a giveaway.

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