Extend the power of your integration

Success+ uses recurring payment intelligence to predict the optimal day to retry your user's failed payments. Increase retention, grow your user base and extend the power of your partner integration.

Introducing Success+

Payment failures can have a big impact on your users. Whether they are subscription businesses suffering from involuntary churn, or invoicers experiencing high levels of bad debt, payment failures are a major contributor to the problem.

Success+ is a payment intelligence tool designed to help our joint users improve their payment success rates. Using machine learning and GoCardless transactional data, Success+ enables your users to retry failed payments on the day that end customers (payers) are more likely to have funds in their account.

Add Success+ to your integration now to save your users time and help them to improve their relationships with customers.

“With Intelligent Retries, almost 90% of retried payments are successfully collected, where before we were only collecting 30-40%.”

Monsur Alam

Monsur Alam, Head of Finance, Neos

Increase retention

Provide your existing users with a product that saves them time, improves relationships with end customers and increases revenue.

Grow your user base

Attract new users that are looking to optimise their payment collection in an automated, intelligent way.

Upgrade your integration

Add cutting-edge technology to your platform in a quick and straightforward way, without having to invest in much developer time and resource.

See how it works

“Before, we would manually be chasing every failed payment in the same way. With GoCardless, we can avoid chasing and having those awkward conversations when we don’t need to – this lightens the workload for our collections team too.”

Ioannis Georgiou

Ioannis Georgiou, Co-Founder, Lendwise

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