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Frequently asked questions

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Q. What measures has GoCardless taken to minimise the adverse effects and spread of the coronavirus?

We have taken precautionary steps to safeguard our employees and to ensure that we can continue to deliver a high level of service to our customers. These measures include:

  • Closing our offices around the world, effective Monday 16 March and enabling all employees to work remotely until further notice

  • Cancelling all business travel until the end of April

  • Postponing all external events until the end of April, where they cannot be held via video conference 

Q. How is GoCardless ensuring continuity of business?

We have robust processes in place and have considered pandemic situations as part of our ongoing business continuity for some time. As a company that has been built on cloud-based and remotely accessible tools, we believe we are well-placed to deal with the coming challenges with no impact on the service we provide our customers.

Q. What will happen to service levels if members of staff become unavailable?

We are focusing on our most critical processes to ensure continuity of service across multiple scenarios, including those where significant members of staff may be unavailable.  Our incident response and management teams continue to meet on a regular basis to ensure that our response is appropriate and that we are able to adjust our operations in real-time as the situation develops.

Got a question? Raise a ticket with our Support team