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2 min readPayments

How much do the major UK banks charge for CHAPS?

Find out HSBC CHAPS fees, NatWest CHAPS fees, Barclays CHAPS fees, and more.

4 min readFinance

How to chase an overdue invoice

See our overdue invoice letter template, right here.

3 min readFinance

What are debt consolidation loans for bad credit?

Is debt consolidation a bad idea? Get the inside track with our guide.

3 min readAlternative Payment Options

What is a Telegraphic Transfer (TT)?

Find out how telegraphic transfer works with our comprehensive guide.

2 min readRecurring Payments

Receiving Online Payment Instalments

Find out how to implement online payment instalments, right here.

1 min readLife at GoCardless

Pride Month: Becoming the ally I would like to have

This week celebrating Pride month, we hear from Maxine from our Talent team.

3 min readCash flow

How Debt Collection Works for Small Businesses

Explore debt collection in the UK with our guide for small businesses.

2 min readRegulations

How Does VAT Work for Small Businesses?

Check out our guide to VAT explained for small businesses, right here.

2 min readEnterprise

GoCardless named a Leader in two G2 Grid® product ranking reports

GoCardless included in 'Payment Processing’ & ‘Subscription Revenue Management’

2 min readRegulations

GST vs. VAT Tax: What’s the Difference?

Explore GST and VAT differences with our helpful guide for UK businesses.

2 min readGlobal Payments

Credit card charges for foreign currency transactions

Explore credit card charges for foreign currency transactions, right here.

2 min readGoCardless

How GoCardless helped us during COVID-19

Role Models guest writes this post about retaining clients during lockdown.

2 min readRegulations

What is bad debt?

Get a little more information on bad debt in accounting, right here.

3 min readCash flow

How to understand cash flow lending

Get a clearer picture on cash flow lending...

2 min readFinance

What is a risk-free interest rate?

Risk-free interest rate is a theoretical return on an investment with zero risk.

2 min readGrowth

What is a retained earnings statement?

Discover how to calculate retained earnings with our definitive guide.

3 min readAlternative Payment Options

How to create an online payment system for small business

Get more information about the different types of online payment system.

1 min readLife at GoCardless

Pride month: Recognising the power of being heard

This week celebrating Pride month, we hear from Vicky, one of our engineers.

2 min readAccounting

What is the formula for return on capital employed (ROCE)?

Find out how to calculate return on capital employed (ROCE).

2 min readRegulations

What Is a UTR Number?

A UTR number is a unique 10-digit number used to identify taxpayers. Read on.

3 min readGrowth

Average Revenue Per User: Calculating and Interpreting ARPU

Does your business have a good average ARPU? Read on to find out.

3 min readAccounting

Online small business accounting and bookkeeping

Find out more about online bookkeeping for a small business.

2 min readRegulations

How Do I Pay My Self Assessment Tax Online?

Find out how to make a Self Assessment tax return with our step-by-step guide.

2 min readCash flow

Operating Cash Flow vs. Free Cash Flow

Is operating cash flow the same as free cash flow? Find out with our guide.

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