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How do you submit SEPA Direct Debit mandates and payment requests?

New SEPA Direct Debit mandates and payment requests are submitted by uploading an XML file to the bank. Here's how you do that.

In the SEPA Direct Debit scheme, all communications are made through the banks.

This guide details how to submit new SEPA Direct Debit mandates and payment requests. For details on receiving update messages, see receiving messages from the banks.

How to submit SEPA Direct Debit mandates and payment requests

New SEPA Direct Debit mandates and payment requests are submitted by uploading an XML file to the bank. Each collection must contain the mandate-related data retrieved from the original mandate, along with any amendments.

This file will be sent by the merchant’s bank to the selected clearing and settlement mechanism (CSM). The CSM will then forward this file to the payer’s bank.

After the mandate is set up, the merchant may initiate collections. If any errors are made during the setup process, you will be alerted by a message from the bank.

Submitting payment requests to the banks

The following transaction codes are used for submitting payment requests:

Code Use Case
FRST The first collection under a mandate.
RCUR Standard collections under a mandate. Use this for all regular subsequent SEPA Direct Debit transactions.
FNAL The final SEPA Direct Debit collection under a mandate.
OOFF To be used for one-off SEPA Direct Debit collections. Any subsequent collections will be rejected.

Each of these payment requests should also include the mandate-related data. For further details on how to set up, amend, or cancel a mandate, see our guide on SEPA Direct Debit mandates.

For more details on taking SEPA Direct Debit payments, see our guide to taking payments by SEPA Direct Debit.

Submitting messages through GoCardless

GoCardless provides a simple but powerful user interface and API for creating SEPA Direct Debit mandates and payment requests.

Once a customer has completed the mandate, you will be able to submit a payment request in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select the customer on your dashboard.

  2. Complete a simple form with details of the amount and date of the payment. (You will also be given the option of setting up recurring payments or bulk uploading a batch of payments.)

  3. GoCardless will then use this information, along with the mandate data, to submit a payment request to one of our sponsor banks on your behalf.

To find out more about collecting SEPA Direct Debits, or to register your interest with GoCardless, visit our homepage.

GoCardless is used by over 55,000 businesses around the world. Learn more about how you can improve payment processing at your business today.

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