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Putting New Zealand on the PaymentsMap

Sally Tromans
Written by

Last editedJan 20201 min read

It seems not so long ago that we revealed our launch of Australian Direct Debit with accounting software partner Xero and already we have more good news to share. You can now collect Direct Debit payments from customers in New Zealand through GoCardless!

Better still, we’ll also be enabling GoCardless for Xero in New Zealand. This means you can seamlessly automate payment collection and reconciliation against invoices in New Zealand Dollars between GoCardless and Xero.

Our 10,000 existing users are really benefiting from improved efficiency with their payments processes. In fact, 84% have reduced the amount of time spent chasing unpaid invoices and 76% say they spend less time on payment reconciliation.

Visualising growth

In light of our recent expansion into new countries and to demonstrate what our growth looks like, we’ve built PaymentsMap. This visual tool shows the journey of payments* being collected from customers and paid to businesses, wherever they are in the world.

We’ll excitedly stand by to watch New Zealand make its mark on PaymentsMap, yet another stepping stone towards helping businesses collect payments from anywhere, to anywhere.

*Fictional payment data has been used for the purposes of this blog post but trust us, it works with real data too!

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