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Growing our payments network: launching Canada

As 2018 draws to an end, we’re excited to announce that GoCardless users can now take Pre-Authorised Debit payments in Canada, bringing the total number of countries in our growing global payments network to 30.

This means that our customers can increasingly use GoCardless to take recurring payments from their end users wherever they happen to be around the world. Great news for organisations with global footprints!

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Direct Debit in Canada
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Reinforce your brand with custom payment pages

We’re really excited to announce further improvements to your GoCardless account. From today, you’ll be able to add more branding to the payment experience your customer sees.

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Our approach to testing

To ensure that we keep building the best payment solution for you & your customers, GoCardless will be testing ways to improve areas of our product. Sometimes when we run a test a small number of your customers may see a slightly different experience.


Payer experience is an extremely important part of both our business & yours. We want to help more and more of your customers to pay you through GoCardless.

We’re continually researching and developing ways to make our product better for you, such as looking at how we make it easier for your customers to use our payment pages, so more of them end up paying you using GoCardless. Part of this research process involves testing with real customers to help us make informed decisions using data.

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Feature update: GoCardless is now available in French, Spanish & German

As we continue with our mission to create a global payments network, we’re making the experience for our international customers even better, by now supporting French, Spanish and German language selection from within GoCardless.

GoCardless is now available in French, Spanish & German

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Changes to email security for Pro merchants

We launched GoCardless Pro back in 2014 to give merchants more control over their customer experience, making it possible to guarantee your business name appearing on customers' bank statements, build your own Direct Debit mandate setup flow and have more control over notifications sent to customers.

Direct Debit schemes require that you send customers "advance notice", letting them know when payments will leave their account. Merchants on the Pro package can send these themselves, or have GoCardless send clean, unbranded and compliant notifications on their behalf.

Most of our merchants choose to use GoCardless' built-in notifications, making it quicker to get up and running and avoid worries about compliance.

Until now, if you were on Pro, we've sent these notifications so they appear to come from your email address, as well as displaying your name in the "From" header. We also set the "Reply To" so that replies from your customers with queries or questions go directly to you.

This is how emails currently look to your customers.

What's changed?

Since we built this functionality three years ago, a lot has changed in the email security landscape, particularly with the growing popularity of DomainKey Identified Mail (known as DKIM) which makes it more difficult to send emails that look like they come from someone else - often called "spoofing".

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How Marketing and Design teams can feel the love…❤️

Work for GoCardles

Marketing and Design are remarkably similar teams. They’re often seen as the business’s creative arms; fuelled by customer insight, constantly testing and improving their work using data.

A strong bond between these teams is essential to any growing business. Successful lines of communication as well as shared goals and learnings from their projects will enable each team to do their most impactful work.

As a Product Marketer, I work on communication pieces to support new product work, such as in-product copy, web pages, guides, sales decks, and videos. Most of the content I build requires a good amount of design input before it can be used as external facing material. Meaning I rely pretty heavily on design teams to help me do my job well.

At a high-growth company like GoCardless, we have new faces appearing all the time, including in the design and marketing teams. It’s important for teams to establish core ways of working together that won’t get diluted when new people join, or disappear completely when people move on.

To understand how Marketing and Design can work best together, I asked the teams here at GoCardless to think about what's helped or hindered them in the past. I've compiled their advice into the following six tips:

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