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How Marketing and Design teams can feel the love…❤️

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Marketing and Design are remarkably similar teams. They’re often seen as the business’s creative arms; fuelled by customer insight, constantly testing and improving their work using data.

A strong bond between these teams is essential to any growing business. Successful lines of communication as well as shared goals and learnings from their projects will enable each team to do their most impactful work.

As a Product Marketer, I work on communication pieces to support new product work, such as in-product copy, web pages, guides, sales decks, and videos. Most of the content I build requires a good amount of design input before it can be used as external facing material. Meaning I rely pretty heavily on design teams to help me do my job well.

At a high-growth company like GoCardless, we have new faces appearing all the time, including in the design and marketing teams. It’s important for teams to establish core ways of working together that won’t get diluted when new people join, or disappear completely when people move on.

To understand how Marketing and Design can work best together, I asked the teams here at GoCardless to think about what's helped or hindered them in the past. I've compiled their advice into the following six tips:

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