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How to Create a Professional Landscaping Invoice

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As a professional landscaper, your invoices will probably include a variety of extras, such as planting trees or shrubbery, in addition to practical design work.

An invoice can help you keep track of all work performed that needs to be compensated. In this post we’ll guide you through how to create a professional landscaping invoice.

What should you put on a landscaping invoice?

When invoicing customers for landscaping services, you need to bill all the work involved, from planning to labour. You also need to include the cost of any materials, equipment and transport. Below is a brief description of all the recommended elements you should include on your invoice:


Landscaping notoriously involves a great deal of planning and designing, especially when dealing with more unconventional green spaces. The planning stage may include time spent in meeting with clients, sketching designs, and examining the land you’re going to work on.


Under materials, you should include all the supplies you purchased in order to complete the project. This might include seeds, bulbs, soil and sod. It might also include fertiliser and pesticides if that comes under your job description. Sometimes landscapers charge a markup on supplies to compensate for the time required for ordering and buying them.


If you run a landscaping business, then you may have your own equipment to use for carrying out your services. However, when you are required to buy or rent equipment specifically for the project at hand, then you should include it in your invoice. This may range from secateurs and pruners to large chippers.


Finally, perhaps the most important entry on a landscaping invoice is the labour involved. How you charge for this will depend on the rate you agreed upon with the client beforehand. It may come in the form of an hourly rate or a flat fee for the whole job.

Landscaping invoice template

A quick Google search will give you a landscaping invoice sample, but in general, your invoice should include the following elements (typically presented on a Word or Excel file):

  • Any business branding you have, including a logo and colour scheme

  • Your business name (if you work as freelancer, this may just be your own name)

  • Your business contact details

  • A list of services provided

  • A short description of these services

  • A price for each service

  • Any materials that need to be paid for, including a description of them plus cost

  • Your client’s name or business name and contact information

  • A total of all costs under a section titled “Total”, including materials, supplies, equipment, services etc.

  • Statement of the payment methods you accept

  • If relevant, information about any late payment fees or early payment discounts

  • Your account information for payment

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Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help
Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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