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Best Small Business Apps in 2021

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Cloud-computing apps, finance apps and communication apps, can be of great benefit to small businesses. Most small businesses will benefit from one or several of our selection below – our ten top apps for small businesses in 2021.


FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software that simplifies your invoicing processes by setting up automatic billing and creating customised invoices. Use the app to track business expenses as well as the time you spend on various tasks to increase your productivity.

FreshBooks is not free but has a Lite tier costing just $15 (£10 approx.) per month for five billable clients, and a Premium tier costing $50 (£35 approx.) for 500 clients. Features include:

  • Accessible from all devices

  • Mobile access to credit cards 

  • Estimate/invoice converter

Google Workspace

You can transfer files between all devices with Google Workspace. The basic plan features up to 30GB of online storage per user – higher tier plans come with unlimited online storage per user. You use the app to create all manner of files from documents and spreadsheets to presentations.

Pricing plans start at $6 (£4 approx.) per user per month. Additional Google Workspace features include:

  • Multiple business functions

  • Business app integration

  • Ad-free business email


Simplify your shipping process with ShipStation, a time-saving cloud-based e-commerce solution. Its intuitive design allows online retailers to process customers’ orders, print shipping labels and track the delivery of shipments. 

Paid plans start from $9 (£6 approx.) per month, with ShipStation’s key features including:

  • Streamlined order processing system 

  • Customised shipping labels 

  • Integration with WooCommerce, Shopify and others


Fuze is the first of two communication-focused apps on this list, and has several features for different levels of interaction between colleagues. Alongside the chat feature, the big attraction is the video-conferencing tool that works across all platforms and with all devices. 

Different pricing plans depend on what features you want included, so you need to contact Fuze for an estimate. Other notable features include:

  • Multiple communication tools

  • Go-Live transition support

  • User training and learning tools


Slack is our second pick for communication-focused apps. It’s very popular among small to medium-sized businesses. Slack lets you manage multiple communication channels simultaneously. You can send group messages, hold group conferences and break off into one-on-one meetings.

Slack’s basic features are free, but the premium versions start at approximately £5.40 per month. Premium features include:

  • Advanced identity management

  • Secure guest communications

  • Tailored round-the-clock support


Let’s look at some excellent finance-focused apps now. Quickbooks connects your business bank account with GoCardless, PayPal, Square and many more providers, and gives you real-time data on your company’s finances. Use the app to track your business expenses and photograph receipts as digital records.

The inexpensive freelancer plan costs just $7.50 per (£5 approx.), with excellent features including:

  • Unpaid invoice tracking

  • Profit and loss reports

  • Employee payment function

Abukai Expenses

The Abukai Expenses app also lets you take quick photos of your receipts with your phone, and has the extra feature of entering the data into the tracking function. It also lets you take other photos and calculate various sums such as the mileage a particular business trip will incur.

There is a limited free version available for what many consider the best business banking app. Paid versions start from $99 (£70 approx.) per year. Features include:

  • Record receipts quickly

  • Create expense reports

  • Track multiple expenses simultaneously


The final expense-tracking app on this list is also considered by many to be the best business banking app. Expensify is exceptionally easy to use and lets you track both expenses and mileage travelled across multiple platforms. You can photo-scan receipts and upload them to be stored digitally. You can also link your bank account and credit card to the app.

The price varies according to what features you require so you will need to contact Expensify for the cost. The key features include:

  • Excellent integrations

  • Simplified tax return process

  • Multi-purpose expense tracking tools


Many business owners need to keep to a tight itinerary and TripIt is one of the best organisation apps for this. It lets you manage all the information and arrangements you need for a business trip in one place, including travel details and appointment times. It also provides maps, directions and weather forecasts.

TripIt has a free version, but you can pay for various advanced features, with the functions including:

  • Master itineraries for each trip

  • Access to itineraries from any device

  • Flight tracking


Inigo is a networking business application that enables you to create and share virtual business cards by simply tapping phones with the person you are sharing your business card with.

Inigo’s free version is limited, but you can pay for advanced features. The advantages of Inigo include:

  • Easy exchange of business cards

  • Digital age appeal

  • No need to carry printed cards

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