GoCardless & QuickBooks

Made for recurring payments. Take control of your cash flow with integrated Direct Debit for QuickBooks Online

Add GoCardless to QuickBooks and take the pain out of getting paid

Predictable cash flow

Payments are collected automatically, as soon as your invoices are due

Stop chasing payments

Control when you get paid and cut out the stress of debtors

Less bookkeeping

Payments are automatically reconciled against your QuickBooks Online invoices

See GoCardless in action

"Now, we don’t have to chase payments; we just set the payment date for 30 days. Before, we were waiting up to 60 days for clients to initiate card payments or send cheques. GoCardless saves us so much time, it’s brilliant.”

Jessica Zeun

Jessica Zeun, Director, Zeun Digital

How GoCardless works with QuickBooks Online


Invite customers to pay you through GoCardless

Ask your customer to complete a Direct Debit mandate so you can collect GoCardless payment directly from their bank account. Inviting customers is easy; from within your QuickBooks dashboard, simply send an email including a link to your online Direct Debit mandate.

  • All managed from within QuickBooks

Your customer completes a one-time Direct Debit form

Your customer completes the online mandate form with their bank details. This gives you authorisation to collect payment from their bank account without further action from your customer.

  • One time set-up for your customer
  • Payment page branded with your logo
  • All online. No paperwork

Collect payment for your QuickBooks invoices automatically

Now when you bill your customers, payment can is automatically collected once the invoice is due. The payment amount and when it is collected is determined by your QuickBooks invoice - simple!

  • One-off, or repeat payments
  • Variable and fixed amounts

Your customer is notified before every new payment is collected

GoCardless notifies your customer in advance that payment is due to be collected. The payment is debited from their account three working days later.


Automatic reconciliation

When you receive payment, the relevant invoices will be marked as 'Paid' and the GoCardless fees are also automatically adjusted as an expense.

  • No manual bookkeeping
  • View and manage all of your transactions in QuickBooks Online
  • Same day notification of cancelled mandates or failed payments

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GoCardless (company registration number 07495895) is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017, registration number 597190, for the provision of payment services.

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