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GoCardless for Xero

GoCardless for Xero is a free app that connects GoCardless to Xero. Here you’ll find guides to advise you and your clients on the benefits of integrating GoCardless and Xero and how it works.

GoCardless for Xero Summary

A summary guide that covers the features, benefits and process of integrating GoCardless with Xero.


GoCardless for Xero Postcard

A handy postcard that covers the features and benefits. Perfect for emailing to clients or taking to events.


GoCardless for Xero Email

Here’s an email you can send your clients to promote GoCardless for Xero.


GoCardless for Xero Blog copy

A pre-written article about GoCardless for Xero that you can publish on your blog.


Getting paid on time with GoCardless for Xero - watch the webinar below.

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