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Announcing our partnership with subscription billing platform, Recurly

GoCardless partners with Recurly
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We are delighted to announce we’re partnering with Recurly, a leading subscription billing platform. This means that Recurly’s 23 million active subscriptions will be able to benefit from collecting recurring payments around the world via GoCardless’ Bank Debit network. 

From launch, in early 2020, Recurly customers will be able to collect payments from customers through Bank Debit payment schemes including SEPA (Eurozone), Bacs (UK), and ACH (USA). This will enable expansion opportunities for the 30% of Recurly’s businesses that are either selling globally today or that have immediate ambitions to grow globally.

On the partnership, our CEO Hiroki Takeuchi said:

“Today’s businesses are increasingly turning to subscription-based models to retain a steady stream of revenue through recurring payments.

“Through this partnership, Recurly merchants will be offered the option of accessing GoCardless’ powerful recurring payments platform which simplifies their payment processes, reduce costs, and increase their reach to a greater number of customers around the world. We are thrilled with this partnership, as it also further broadens our footprint in the US, by providing the capabilities of the GoCardless platform to more than 2,000 businesses that use Recurly for subscription billing today.”

The partnership with Recurly represents a significant step for GoCardless as we expand footprint in the US, following the launch of ACH debit on the GoCardless platform and the opening of its regional headquarters in San Francisco.

“The integration of GoCardless with our platform is in direct response to customer feedback, particularly those who have global expansion plans. Businesses will now be able to access a range of global Bank Debit options, broaden their reach to a much wider scope of international customers, and in turn, tap into new revenue streams,” said Dan Burkhart, CEO of Recurly.

If you’re at this year’s Money2020 conference in Las Vegas, stop by booth #4036 to hear more about this partnership with Recurly and our strategy for continued growth in the US and around the world.

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Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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