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Moving to the cloud: A guide for accountancy firms

We spoke to leading accountants about their experience and advice for firms moving to the cloud. This is what they said.

2 min readLife at GoCardless

A day in the life of Bryan Valery, Customer Support Advocate

What does a typical day look like for a GoCardless customer support advocate?

1 min readGoCardless

How Customer Success can help you reach your long-term goals

How does the Customer Success team help businesses make the most of GoCardless?

5 min read

What is invoice factoring and how does it work?

Invoice factoring can boost cash flow and simplify business planning – could it work for you?

2 min readGoCardless

A focus on our Customer Onboarding team

A day in the life of Onboarding Manager, Katie Gouyette.

1 min readGoCardless

GoCardless celebrates National Customer Service Week 2019!

This week-long event recognises great customer service, and we're celebrating.

4 min readCash flow

What is invoice finance and should your business use it?

Invoice finance can give you fast access to cash – could it work for you?

5 min read

What is reconciliation in accounting?

There are a number of variants to this accounting process, useful for ensuring correct balances are recorded within accounts. This guide explains what they are, why reconciliation is important, and how to conduct reconciliation.


The Global Recurring Payments Tracker: September 2019 edition

Your monthly resource for tackling the complexities and challenges of the international recurring payments space.


The payment experience cheat sheet: a guide for recurring revenue businesses

Use our handy cheat sheet to make sure your payment experience is fully optimised for the requirements of your customer. Learn how to maximise payment success, get better insights into your process and reduce churn.

5 min readPayments

The digital transformation of energy payments in the UK: how other countries can take note

What can other countries learn from the UK's digital-first approach to payments?

7 min read

What is Cloud Accounting & How Does it Work?

Cloud-based solutions abound in the digital age, with many of us using online software to manage our emails, our banking or our photo storage. So why not move your business’ accounting and bookkeeping needs to the cloud too?

5 min read

Cost-Benefit Analysis: The Complete Guide

The cost-benefit analysis: A procedure used by businesses to assess the value of undertaking a project or making an important decision. Here's how you do one, and when and why you should.

1 min readGoCardless

Introducing ACH payments with GoCardless

GoCardless now supports ACH payments in the US


Accountant’s Toolkit

Online Direct Debit resources for accountants


Alternatives to cards across Europe

A guide to major local payment methods in Europe.


BECS Direct Debit

A detailed guide to Direct Debit in Australia.


BECS Direct Debit New Zealand

A user guide for Direct Debit in New Zealand.



A comprehensive guide to Direct Debit in Denmark.


Bg Autogiro

How to collect Direct Debit payments in Sweden.


Cash Flow Academy

Insight and advice to help you master cash flow.


Direct Debit

A guide for anyone who wants to learn more about Direct Debit.


Direct Debit: a beginner's guide

Everything you wanted to know about Direct Debit.


Invoicing: A complete guide

A complete guide to invoicing and invoices.

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