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What Makes Ecommerce Unique?

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The rise of ecommerce has removed many of the barriers to entry for new retailers, especially in the post-pandemic era. 2020 saw a 37% increase in online retail. Since pandemic restrictions were eased in July, much of the economy has been reopened, including physical stores. But ecommerce continues to be strong as many of us still prefer to do our shopping online.

While this has created a great opportunity for retailers, it has also created the conditions for fierce competition. With new ecommerce stores jostling for the attention of your customers, your USP is more important than ever. But what makes an ecommerce company unique in the eyes of customers? How can you engage fickle customers at the expense of competing brands? Mastering your USP can help you to increase revenues and gain loyal customers. 

Here are some ways to make your ecommerce store unique and make a big impression on your target market.

Tell a story 

If you want to engage new customers, content is key. But it’s not just enough to write informative blog posts that segue into a call to action that tells readers how awesome you are. You need to be able to tell a story. Brand storytelling means using narrative conventions to get your audience to connect with your brand and your products. 

It helps your customers to feel like part of an ongoing narrative and invites newcomers to share in the authorship of your story. 

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Corporate social responsibility is arguably more important than ever. Even in these economically uncertain times, a high proportion of consumers (especially younger consumers) consider ethics more important than cost. 

So make your commitment to social and environmental responsibility a big part of your brand storytelling. Show how you’re looking after your team. Show the ways in which you’re trying to cut down on waste or use less energy. Show how you’re investing in new biodegradable packaging or recyclable components. 

Give more for customer referrals

Customer referrals incentivise your existing customers to become an arm of your marketing department. They encourage customers to introduce their friends, family and colleagues to your company. But not all incentive schemes are created equal. If the incentives offered are not generous or relevant to your target market, you may find that your referral scheme gains little traction. 

This is another opportunity for you to stand out.

Research what your competitors are doing to encourage referrals and see how you can offer more without decimating your profit margins. 

Give your website an overhaul 

While many new customers will experience your brand for the first time through social platforms, they’ll eventually find their way back to your website. This is your chance to make a big impression and consolidate the impact of your brand. 

If you’ve not given your website an overhaul for years, it may be time to consider giving it a proverbial lick of paint. However, overhauling your website isn’t just about the visuals. It’s about redesigning your user experience (UX) to remove barriers to sales and create a more pleasurable customer experience. Your website’s appearance and UX can make all the difference between gaining a click, and gaining a customer. Especially if your customer accesses your website with a mobile device. 

Make the Payment Process Easy for Online Customers

Speaking of barriers to entry, the easier it is for customers to pay, the less you’ll have to worry about that old chestnut called cart abandonment. Not all customers will take the time to input their card number every time they want to buy from you. 

They may want to pay using alternative methods. That’s where we come in!

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