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Top 6 employee management software systems in 2021

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Whether your business has five or 500 employees, a good management system can save you time and money. Track employee performance, generate invoices, issue payments, and monitor training all from a central dashboard. Insightful, system-generated reports let HR managers make more informed decisions when it comes to recruitment for a smoother onboarding process. Here’s a closer look at the best employee management software on the market for 2021.

What to look for in management software

Every business is unique, but the best employee management software has a few features in common. Look for the following when comparing your options:

  • Cloud platform

  • Analytics and visual-rich reports

  • Scalability

  • Security

  • Third-party integration

  • User-friendly interface

  • Tools for employees and management

  • Mobile-friendly design

  • Automatic stakeholder notifications

Top 6 management systems

The best management software in 2021 offers all of the features mentioned above and more. Here are six of the top contenders when it comes to employee management technology.

1. Workday

Used by big names like Airbnb and Netflix, Workday is cloud-based employee management software that offers an all-in-one business solution. It includes project management, HR, finance, and planning tools in a single platform, making Workday ideal for both medium and large-sized businesses. There’s also a recruitment component to the software, with analysis features to track headcount and performance throughout probationary periods. Perhaps its greatest strength is its clean, user-friendly interface.

2. Gusto

Another top employee management software option is Gusto. Although it offers full management capabilities, it’s particularly well-suited to streamlining payroll processes. Whether you run a small business or multinational corporation, its payroll tools are adjustable to scale up and down depending on the plan you choose. Gusto also helps businesses administer employee benefits and insurance, with access for both employees and managers.

3. Kissflow HR Cloud

From talent acquisition to leave management, Kissflow HR Cloud lets you control the full spectrum of HR activities in a single cloud-based platform. Slick and intuitive, this HR management software includes tools to control timesheets, track attendance, manage performance, and take control of onboarding and offboarding. Its scalable design can grow along with your business, and there’s a free trial period to see if it’s right for you. Kissflow can be integrated with many other platforms, including Salesforce, Oracle, G-Suite, and QuickBooks.

4. Hubstaff

If you’re looking for a good all-rounder software, Hubstaff ticks most boxes. This employee performance management software comes with a range of different plans and price points. The most basic package covers productivity and attendance tracking, which may be enough for smaller businesses. At the higher end of the scale, more inclusive plans offer scheduling, integration, invoicing, and HR management features. Paid plans also come with 24/7 support, and the software can be integrated with multiple third-party apps. However, benefits administration isn’t covered, unlike some other HR management software on this list.

5. Paychex

Another top workforce management software system is Paychex. It comes with a higher price tag than some comparable programmes, but you get what you pay for since most aspects of workforce management are covered here. Going beyond the world of HR and performance tracking, Paychex includes tools for hiring, insurance, onboarding, compliance, and marketing. It can be scaled up or down to suit businesses of all sizes, including start-ups, with a bevy of reporting tools to manage your documentation.

6. Zoho People

Zoho People is a helpful system for everything from employee performance management to onboarding. It covers most aspects of HR, with tools to generate timesheets, track employee attendance and paid time off, and administer benefits. Zoho People includes a choice of customisable templates so you can adapt it to your own business’s requirements, and it integrates fully with compatible Zoho products. It also works with AdobeSign, G-Suite, and DocuSign software.

Finally, apart from HR and performance software, don’t forget the importance of a good accounting system like Xero. This type of technology helps with employee management by enabling team members to manage their own expenses and pay slips.

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