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3 min readSubscription

8 Most Important KPIs for a Subscription Business

The 8 most integral KPIS for assessing the health of your subscription business.


[Webinar] Mastering Payments: How Customers Pay Impacts How long They Stay

Join Deputy, Zuora and GoCardless to discuss the importance of customer churn and how to optimize payments for customer retention.

2 min readSubscription

5 Benefits of a Subscription Business Model

Benefits of subscription models include better cash flow.

2 min readSubscription

Best Subscription Billing Software Solutions

Discover the best subscription billing software available

2 min readSubscription

How to Store Credit Card Information Securely

Protect your customers from identity theft when storing credit card information.

2 min readSubscription

Efficiently Taking Subscription Payments

Find out how and why to work with subscription payment plans

2 min readSubscription

Why Are Subscription Services So Popular?

Get the lowdown on the rise of subscription services with GoCardless.

2 min readSubscription

How to Run a Subscription-Based Business

SBBs focus on customer retention over customer acquisition.

5 min readEnterprise

3 ways CFOs must harness the power of open banking

What CFOs have to gain with open banking

2 min readSubscription

What is lead velocity rate (LVR)?

Track growth in real-time using the lead velocity rate, or LVR

2 min readSubscription

Trends Driving the Subscription Economy

See the most prominent trends driving the growth of the subscription economy.

3 min readSubscription

Changing Your SaaS Pricing Model

Get the inside track on how to reprice your SaaS products and services.

3 min readSaaS

Making free trials work for your SaaS business

Could free trials work for you? Explore SaaS free trial best practices.

2 min readFinance

What is annual contract value (ACV)?

Understand the importance of annual contract value to SaaS companies.

2 min readSaaS

The importance of COGS for SaaS businesses

COGS refers to the direct costs of selling and delivering your products.

3 min readSaaS

Predictive Analytics for SaaS Businesses

Predictive analytics uses data to predict the likelihood of future outcomes.

3 min readAccountants

What is total contract value (TCV)?

Total contract value refers to the total value of a contract, including fees.

2 min readSubscription

What Is ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)?

Learn more about ARPU, including ARPU vs. LTV, with our helpful guide.

3 min readSubscription

What is customer lifetime value (CLV)?

Customer lifetime value is an important, customer-centric metric. Read on.

3 min readSubscription

How SaaS companies can improve customer lifecycle

Discover more about how to boost your SaaS company’s customer lifecycle.

3 min readGoCardless

GoCardless & Recurly offer subscription businesses improved coverage for recurring payments

GoCardless & Recurly offer better coverage for subscription businesses

3 min readSubscription

What is proration?

Want to know more about proration? Check out our prorated definition.

2 min readSubscription

What is a perpetual license?

Our comprehensive guide to perpetual licenses vs. subscription licenses.

2 min readSubscription

Why does MRR churn matter for SaaS businesses?

Get the lowdown on MRR for SaaS businesses with our comprehensive guide.

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