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2 min readAccountants

What is Preferred Stock?

Preferred stock takes priority over common stocks when it comes to dividends.

2 min readAccountants

How to write an expense report

Learn what you need to include in an expense report

2 min readGrowth

Guide to franchise opportunities in 2021

Here are some of the best franchise opportunities available this year

2 min readBusiness Management

What is professional indemnity insurance?

Find out what professional indemnity insurance could do for you

2 min readAccountants

What is the employer payroll tax deferral provision?

Employer payroll tax deferral lets businesses defer a portion of tax payments

2 min readAccountants

Machine Learning Benefits for Accountancy

Machine learning isn’t just the future, it’s already happening.

4 min readEnterprise

The 8 dimensions of recurring payments: Preference

Understand how you can grow your business by offering preferred payment methods.

7 min readEnterprise

The 8 dimensions of recurring payments: how to build an optimized payment strategy

What makes the perfect recurring payment strategy? And how do you improve yours?

2 min readAccountants

What’s the Difference Between IAS and IFRS?

What is IAS and why does it matter?

5 min readEnterprise

5 mistakes businesses make during international expansion and how to avoid them

What are the big mistakes that send international expansion plans off the rails?

2 min readFinance

Top SBA Lenders for 2021

Here are the top SBA lenders around for your loan needs

2 min readFinance

Best factoring companies 2021

Discover the best invoice factoring companies for your business

2 min readPayments

Types of payment method for your business

Discover the most important payment methods for business

3 min readFinance

How blockchain technology is revolutionizing online transactions

Blockchain technology helps e-commerce businesses save time, money and resources

2 min readBusiness Management

Top 5 scheduling software options for 2021

Find the best scheduling software to organize your business

2 min readAccountants

XIRR vs. IRR: What’s the Difference?

Learn more about the difference between IRR and XIRR, right here.

2 min readPayments

What is a charge card?

Discover why a charge card can be hugely beneficial for your company.

3 min readFinance

Tax equity definition

Tax equity financing helps drive sustainable development. Here’s how

2 min readAccountants

Guide to GST tax

What is GST tax in the US and how does it work? Find out the rules here

2 min readAccountants

Understanding US interest rates

US interest rates underpin the economy. Discover how this works in banking

2 min readAccountants

An introduction to ABA numbers

Facilitate online payments with the right ABA numbers. Here’s how they work

2 min readFinance

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

How does the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation protect your money?

2 min readFinance

What is the Rule of 78?

Through the Rule of 78, recurring revenue is more accurately accounted for

2 min readFinance

What Is a Loan Covenant?

Loan covenants outline all of the terms and conditions surrounding a loan

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