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5 best CRM software options 2021

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Staying on top of customer relations is important for every business, but it’s not always easy. CRM software can keep track of your customers, ensuring better results for everyone.

What is CRM?

Every business should consider CRM software, i.e., customer relationship management software. Customer relations are key to a successful company and they can be checked and tracked in a number of ways. Knowing if your relationships are solid is one thing, but digging deeper into the data can empower your business to get the most out of your relationships, and that’s where the best CRM software can help. From customer segmentation analysis to engaging with customers through live chats, CRM can give your customer-facing communications a real edge.

What can CRM software for small business brands do?

The best CRM software can give you a whole new level of visibility regarding customer engagement, helping you shape the way you operate in everything from your marketing to your customer service. The best CRM software can help keep your brand top of mind for customers, sending out marketing emails and tracking customer contacts. These are just some of the basic benefits of CRM software:

  • Increased retention

  • Improved sales opportunities

  • Task tracking

  • Company insights

What are the top CRM software options?

HubSpot CRM

Consistently mentioned as the best CRM software, HubSpot is definitely worth considering. You can get started for free, and if you have under 1 million contracts, you don’t have to pay a user fee at all. With HubSpot you can:

  • Track leads

  • Create customer interaction timelines

  • Use live chat

  • Integrate with Outlook or Gmail accounts

  • Integrate with a large variety of third-party apps

HubSpot is very user friendly  and you can add additional service hubs to the CRM to create a total business solution. Further hub options include service hub and sales hub.


Drip is an ECRM, which means that it’s specialized for e-commerce companies. If e-commerce is your thing, you’ll almost certainly want a CRM to help you nurture those all-important customer relations. Drip allows you to:

  • Build visual workflows

  • Use A/B testing to see which customer content has fared the best

  • Send SMS messages

  • Sync to email campaigns

  • Use landing page integrations

Drip isn’t a free option, but it does offer a free trial, and given it’s capabilities, it’s not a huge expense per month at $49.


You may already be using Zoho books for your accounting, so the Zoho CRM could be a seamless addition to your digital toolset. Zoho is based on the cloud and has been designed with small businesses in mind.

  • Manage sales

  • Market the brand

  • Organize leads

  • Run customer support through live chat

Zoho is free for up to three users, making it the ideal CRM software for small business staff.

Open source CRM software

You can also consider open source options for CRM software, meaning software that allows for integration and edits. Open source CRM software allows your tech team to take it and make it tailored to your needs, so if you have this capability, it may be worth considering. Open source options include:


Odoo is compatible with a wide range of operating systems. Odoo has a range of modules that you can pick and choose from, including accounting, warehouse management, and project management. Send customized emails and set up loyalty plans to stay connected with your customers.


SuiteCRM can be operated locally or through the cloud and is highly customizable. It holds its own against the top CRM software, able to be tailored to fit the needs of a range of industries. If you don’t have a tech team to hand ready to make SuiteCRM work the way you want it, you might prefer a box-ready version above.

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