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Top 3 tips to improve your brand awareness

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Brand awareness is about making sure your target audience knows about your company and what it has to offer. After all, even if you’ve got a great product or service available, it won’t get very far if it doesn’t reach any of your potential customers. There are a number of different ways to work on brand awareness and to shine a spotlight on your company.

Why increase brand awareness?

Brand awareness is an essential part of any business strategy. Brand awareness differs from product marketing in that it doesn’t have to focus on a specific service or product being offered. This can mean that brand awareness has a longer lifespan and can benefit your sales across a wider spectrum. It also helps to build up brand loyalty amongst your customers and makes it more likely that they’ll turn to you over your lesser-known competitors.

How to create brand awareness

One of the most difficult challenges for new businesses is getting their name out there in the first place. Without word-of-mouth or familiarity to rely on, it’s even more important to focus your time on building a comprehensive marketing strategy.

One of the first considerations should be who you’re trying to reach. With so many potential audiences, it’s easy to cast your net so wide and aim for quantity rather than quality. However, making sure that the people you’re targeting are likely to convert into customers, followers, or readers helps ensure you see a return on your investments. It also means you’ll be more likely to retain customers and keep from losing them long-term. This can be done through market research or through creating a customer profile to give you a clear idea of who you’re expecting to reach.

From here, you can begin to focus on the platforms and places that your audience are likely to be found in. For example, if you’re operating an e-retailer, your customers will likely already be online and so you may find building an online ad campaign more effective than a print one.

How to improve brand recognition

Improving brand recognition is about making your business’s name familiar and ensuring it springs to mind when customers are on the lookout for the product or service you’re offering. One important factor in achieving this is making sure that the nature of your business is clear and that customers know what they can expect from you.

How to increase brand awareness

Even once you’ve established an initial audience, it’s important to build momentum and make sure to continue to promote your business and brand. With internet marketing on the rise, it’s even easier to make your brand ubiquitous, but it’s also important to make sure that your marketing leaves a positive impression on those it reaches.

Top tips and tactics to increase brand awareness

Interested in knowing how to increase brand awareness? Check out our top three brand awareness tips:

  1. Internet marketing and, in particular, social media marketing has become an increasingly central point of any brand awareness strategy. One of the benefits of social media is that it enables you to give some personality and a clear identity to your brand and it can also be updated on a regular basis and across a range of platforms.

  2. Influencer marketing also represents an evolution of word-of-mouth, allowing you to obtain recommendations and testimonials for your products. Potential customers are more likely to trust reviews that come from an external source and you can also make use of the audiences built up by bloggers or social media marketers, particularly where these closely align with your target audiences.

  3. Similarly, you can grow awareness of your brand among your target audience without pushing direct sales. Features like blogs and information guides help demonstrate your expertise in your area and also bring in new audiences from search engines.

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