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Spencer Hockey Club

Tim Rogers

By Tim RogersNov 20121 min read

Spencer Hockey Club are one of several sports clubs collecting their membership fees with GoCardless. With over 400 members they wanted a simple way to collect fees, and to keep track of who had paid. As a non-profit they didn't want to pay high fees.

The GoCardless API was the perfect solution. Integrated into the Spencer Hockey Club website, it makes paying and keeping track of whose paid incredibly simple. Mark McDermott, who wrote the integration, describes the benefits:

"We'd wanted a way for members to pay their fees online for a couple of years, but PayPal and the rest were just too expensive. With fees of only 1%, GoCardless changed that. It's made collecting membership fees much less time consuming, so our volunteers can focus on what they do best."

The GoCardless API is incredibly flexible, and with client libraries in PHPJavaPython,Ruby and .NET it's easy for any developer to use.

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