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A focus on our Customer Onboarding team

By Katie GouyetteOct 20192 min read

In our celebration of National Customer Service Week 2019, Onboarding Manager Katie Gouyette highlights a day in the life.

I’ve been at GoCardless now for 1 year, 8 months and 3 days (not that I’ve been counting!). Prior to this role I worked for a foreign exchange payments business in a Client Relations role that encompassed onboarding, support and sales. I heard about GoCardless through a friend exactly at the point when I began searching for my next challenge. I read a lot about the journey GoCardless had been on since its early days and when I saw the onboarding role, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to take on a more specialist role at a business I was really excited by.

As an Onboarding Manager I'm responsible for the successful implementation of our enterprise and global enterprise customers, leading them through their implementation journey with GoCardless until they're collecting regular successful payments with us.

I'm not necessarily what you would call a morning person, so I start most days with a strong coffee! I've been working hard on my barista skills and, thanks to our expert coffee machine, I think I’ve cracked the perfect latte! Coffee in hand, I'll start by building a list of priorities to work on throughout the morning. I'm a strong believer that a tidy inbox makes for a productive work day, so I'll always start by tackling my emails.

I'll usually have calls with some of my current customers or prospective organisations throughout the day. I also work on a range of ad-hoc queries from up to 40 customers I'm working with. Whether I'm helping them troubleshoot integration issues or assisting a business with migrating their existing customer base to GoCardless, no two queries are the same - which helps to keep my days interesting!

Occasionally when helping a customer with a migration to GoCardless, unforeseen delays can impact their ability to collect payments from their customers. Understandably this can be a stressful time for customers, but thankfully these are rare. When they do happen, my focus is always on identifying the cause and working closely with them to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. It's stressful at times but knowing when everything is resolved, that I was able to help a customer through a challenging time, is rewarding.

One experience that sticks out in my mind is being able to work with Comic Relief and support them through their first full Direct Debit collection. From a customer experience perspective, their implementation journey was seamless. They were able to go live with their integration quickly and they've seen great success since implementation, so it was a win all around. On a personal note, it means a lot to work with Comic Relief, as I've grown up watching their annual fundraising events. It felt great to help an organisation that works towards such an important cause, to further improve their offering and build their donor base.

GoCardless has done an excellent job of bringing together a wonderfully diverse, positive and intelligent group of people, making it an incredibly inspiring place to work. We take great pride in helping our customers get back to what they do best and I’m there every step of the way to ensure that my customers have the best possible experience in the beginnings of their GoCardless journey. I love knowing that I’m the first port of call for many of our enterprise customers, and can help get to the bottom of any issue they may have - this is by far my favourite aspect of this role.

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