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Deceptively Simple: Our Photo Mission

Jutta Frieden
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Last editedJan 20202 min read

EyeEm and GoCardless launched a Mission to find photos that showcase the GoCardless philosophy - complex systems made simple.

At GoCardless, we have one goal: To provide a simple way to take recurring payments across multiple markets. We have automated and simplified the complexities of direct debit to expose an interface so simple anyone can use it. Yet it is powerful enough to serve the UK’s largest institutions - and all at very low fees.

Here are our favourite photos from the EyeEm Community, with comments by the EyeEm team:

Congratulations to our winner @giiovi!

blog > images > EyeEm-mission-October-2015 > EyeEm-GoCardless-winner-bees@2x.jpg

This photo shows a real sense of community and teamwork. The swarm of bees are doing complex work to create something that seems so elementary to us - delicious honey. We love this, and like to think of us as a swarm of bees making global payments deceptively simple.

EyeEm: The reason why this image works so well comes down to the use of focus; a potentially busy scene is given clarity by focusing on the main aspect. Being able to see the small bees in flight is really exciting-it isn’t something that’s easily captured, so it gives you a snapshot of a moment which could pass the eye by.

More of our favourites:

Photo by @jsknick

blog > images > EyeEm-mission-October-2015 > EyeEm-GoCardless-bubble@2x.jpg

We love this photo because it captures our complex world in a single bubble. We like how the detail and complexity become more intense the deeper you look.

EyeEm: This image shows the technique and experience of the photographer, being able to combine a fast shutter speed and focusing in on a single object makes this really stand out. The colours and composition compliment each other very well.

Photo by @Violetalix

blog > images > EyeEm-mission-October-2015 > EyeEm-GoCardless-pearls@2x.jpg

Something so simple in its base design is much more beautiful when you look in more depth—in this case, at the texture, light and colours.

EyeEm: Capturing textures in photography works so well when linked with simplicity. You can make an object look so different by capturing it closer and using light to manipulate its usual form. The light makes this material shimmer, transforming it from something quite plain to an image that is really pleasing to the eye.

Photo by @phoebeh_

blog > images > EyeEm-mission-October-2015 > EyeEm-GoCardless-parachute@2x.jpg

This photo has many fans amongst our team at GoCardless. One parachute, a couple of cables and you're flying. So bold yet showcased in a peaceful, serene way.

EyeEm: We love images where you can see someone taking a risk (especially if it’s something we’d be too scared to do) - the blue sky behind creates a perfect backdrop to the main subject, giving the audience a real focus.

Photo by @grellgrau

blog > images > EyeEm-mission-October-2015 > EyeEm-GoCardless-hallway@2x.jpg

Perfect lines, logic and symmetry make this photo and design so attractive. This hallway probably took months to design and construct to such a high standard—but you only see the smooth and clean results.

EyeEm: Minimalism can work really well, the design gives an almost futuristic feel thanks to the light from the ceiling. The lines give the viewer an indication of how the eye should travel through the image.

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Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help
Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

Interested in automating the way you get paid? GoCardless can help

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