GoCardless vs. Stripe

The right payment provider can give your business a competitive advantage, but should you choose GoCardless or Stripe? To help, here are 5 reasons brands are choosing GoCardless for recurring payments.

Join over 50,000 businesses collecting recurring payments using GoCardless

1. GoCardless is made for recurring payments

By focusing only on recurring payments, GoCardless has built a platform that is tailor-made for brands that collect repeating payments. GoCardless is made for subscriptions, invoices, and instalments. Every new feature and every product update is built solely to improve the experience of collecting recurring payments.

2. GoCardless has superior payment success rates

By building GoCardless on bank debit, a pull-based payment mechanism, around 97.5% of payments are collected successfully at the first time of asking, and with smart payment retries, businesses can increase this figure to as high as 99.5%.

While bank debit is available through Stripe, it's primarily known for processing card payments, which fail 10-15% of the time.

3. Collect recurring payments across the globe

Make international payment collection simple, use GoCardless to collect recurring payments from over 30 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, the UK, and Eurozone countries.

Enter a new market confidently, let GoCardless take care of local payment regulation compliance, and have your international payments arrive on time into your dedicated local currency bank account.

Don't have a local currency bank account? Soon you will have the option to take international payments converted via the fairest exchange rate before it arrives in your home bank account.

4. Friendly phone support for customers and payers

Making sure your business is always able to collect recurring payments is vital, as is ensuring your customers always enjoy an amazing payment experience. If you ever do need help, our award-winning support team is here to help. Unlike Stripe, you can simply pick up the phone and speak to us directly. We also offer email support.

5. GoCardless can complement Stripe’s card solution

Brands that offer 5 or more payment methods grow faster than those who offer 3 or less*. Plus, in many major markets and use cases, bank debit is the preferred payment method.

You don’t have to choose GoCardless or Stripe. You can create a diversified payment experience to satisfy all your customers by using both payment providers: GoCardless for bank debit and Stripe for card payments.

*Source: The Subscribed Institute, Zuora

More reasons to choose GoCardless

200+ CRM and billing integrations

GoCardless directly integrates recurring payment collection into the likes of Xero, Zuora, Salesforce, Chargebee and over 200 more.

Trusted by over 50,000 businesses

GoCardless processes $13bn+ annually and has been funded by prestigious investors including Google Ventures and Salesforce Ventures.

Transparent pricing

With GoCardless, there are no setup costs or hidden fees. There is a 1% +$0.40 domestic transaction fee, capped at $4.

“We want our global customers to have access to simple and easy payment methods when purchasing DocuSign. We’re delighted to be working with GoCardless to offer Bank Debit as a payment option throughout the UK and Europe, to ensure customers are able to complete quick and easy transactions with DocuSign.”

Robin Joy, SVP of Digital, Demand & Web Sales, DocuSignRequest a call→ copy 10

Powerful integrations with subscription billing platforms and CRMs:

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